twitter logo 300x300 Associate your Twitter account in Mountain Lion

One of Mountain Lion’s most talked about feature is the introduction of the tight social integration with the 140 character site ‘Twitter”. Unless you’re like me and spent the first few days of using Mountain Lion wandering around the system preferences you may find it difficult to locate a position where you type in your twitter credentials.

The following blog post hopes to rectify that, it may not seem immediately obvious that you have to enter your details and send them as your email address and calendar contacts in the system preferences pane.

First of all you need to load up System Preferences, to do this open a new Finder window, and navigate to your Applications folder, once you are there, you should see an icon which looks like a cog, and is labelled System Preferences. Double click on this and the System Preferences pane should appear.

Now under the heading of ‘Internet & Wireless’ click on the icon highlighted below:

Screen Shot 2012 08 02 at 11.41.29 300x251 Associate your Twitter account in Mountain Lion

In the pane on the right hand side you will see a list of all the account types Mountain Lion supports by default. Some of which have been migrated over from Lion. However most are new.

Screen Shot 2012 08 02 at 11.43.30 300x232 Associate your Twitter account in Mountain Lion

From the list select the Twitter icon, and enter your username and password in the boxes provided:

Screen Shot 2012 08 02 at 11.45.12 300x194 Associate your Twitter account in Mountain Lion

Once done your twitter account will become associated with your Mountain Lion user account, and you will be able to do things like tweet direct from the ‘sharing’ button in apps such as Safari:

Screen Shot 2012 08 02 at 11.46.43 Associate your Twitter account in Mountain Lion

It really is as simple as that! So happy tweeting readers… icon smile Associate your Twitter account in Mountain Lion

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Twitter update announced

On February 22, 2012, in Blog, by

original 150x150 Twitter update announcedTwitter have recently released what seems to be a long awaited updated to the popular iOS variant of the social networks client. Version 4.1 offers several improvements to the previous release, an also sees the return of some features missed by many:

  • Swipe shortcut
    Easily accessible common features simply by swiping over a tweet.
  • Copy and paste for tweets and profiles
    Press an hold on a tweet or a profile, to access iOS built in copy/paste functions
  • Press and hold actions
    Press and hold on tweet’s links for more actions
  • Direct message improvements
  • Confirmation Alerts for Find Friends
  • Performance improvements
  • Image quality improvements
  • Additional Language (Turkish)
  • Several Bug Fixes
Version 4.1 is available to download now from the AppStore

appstore Twitter update announced

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google logo plus 0fbe8f0119f4a902429a5991af5db563 Sync your Google+ posts with Twitter

If you are one of the lucky few who have managed to bag yourself a Google+ account, but like most, don’t want to have to keep posting updates to various social networks then fear not, +Agent G is here to help! On the other hand, if you have still not got your self an invite, check out my other post on how to get one here.

Now, to get up and running with +Agent G you will first of all need to configure your new +Agent G account. Head over to the +Agent G homepage, and logon with your Twitter account. Now, copy your ‘Unique’ code from the +Agent G page, and head on over to Google+.

Paste your unique code into the status box, but make sure you only select +Agent G as the recipient for the message, and hit send.

Once that’s done, head back over to the +Agent G homepage, give it a quick refresh, just to make sure both your accounts are linked.. Once done, you can now add +Agent G to any Google+ status updates you want posting to Twitter!

It really is as simple as that.

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OS X Native Twitter Client

On January 10, 2011, in Blog, by

twitter OS X Native Twitter Client

With the recent launch of the all new Apple Mac App Store, came the arrival of the official OS X Twitter client.  Now, although there are countless twitter based clients available for OS X, the official client has entered the charts near the top in my opinion. 

The client sports a very slick and basic interface, with the various twitter site features in a greyed out menu down the left hand side, and the main content down the right.  This is a design which is certainly not common amongst other offerings in the field.

In an also unusual design is the ‘New tweet’ and new ‘DM’ windows, they are actually separate from the client and can be conveniently placed anywhere around your Mac’s screen.  This along with the applications short cut keys can make tweeting whilst in the middle of things in other applications a breeze.

I am, however, slightly loathed to accept and install the application myself, as I prefer applications such as TweetDeck, with their ability to post direct into several sites at the same time.  However, considering its their first attempt at a native OS X client – I think it’s a pretty good attempt. 

You can download the all new Twitter client from the new Mac App Store. 

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rss Simple RSS Feed to Twitter SolutionIf you own a website who’s content is updated regularly, and are not taking advantage of Twitter, then this may be of interest to you.

Twitter currently accounts for around 2-3% of my sites hits, but I have seen a steady and gradual increase in the last year alone. As a rule I generally post on my blog and then post on social networking sites such as twitter and facebook.

However, there is an easier way. First of all I would strongly recommend you set your site up with an RSS feed. For my RSS feed ( I use Feedburner generally because I like to keep all my hosted services in one place..

Once you have an RSS feed setup, you will need to setup an account over at or similar. TwitterFeed scans your RSS Feed on a timed schedule (which you control) and then posts the details to an OAuth’ed twitter account.

There are many variations of RSS feed posters, however to date I have found to be the most versatile and configurable.

Not only is it capable of posting to Twitter, but also to StatusnetHellotxt and Facebook.

If you use a service other then the ones I have mentioned in this post, comment below and share your RSS sharing setup.

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