The massively popular cloud based storage service have yet again come good, and are offering a massive 50% off their subscriptions for a limited time!

All you have to do to bag yourself this discount is follow this link and sign up to one of there subscription plans!

Whats more, you even get the 30 days completely free!

Hurry – offer expires December 31st, 2012
Share more files (25x more)
Backup and access more of your important files
Stream more music and photos to your smartphone and iPad

Unfortunately this has now expired. Please check back soon for a new code.

The kind folk over at SurgarSync have recently come up with a cunning plan to make you ‘cloud’ storage users very happy people! They are offering a massive 50% off the subscription plans, however this offer is only available until Feb 29th 2012. The chart to the right is the current pricing structure before the discount. So for the 30GB storage plan, you’d only be paying $24.99! What’s more, if you take out a subscription plan, and then change your mind, as long as you cancel within the first 30 days you won’t be charged. That’s right.. Not one penny!

SurgarSync is rapidly becoming top of the game in cloud based storage.. If you’d like to see how SugarSync measures up against is competition check out this chart

If you have not yet had the pleasure of checking out the SurgarSync client I strongly recommend you do. I personally prefer it to the DropBox client.


iPhone ExplorerI was recently approached by a friend in need of a USB flash drive storage solution which didn’t require carrying additional hardware. Crazy I know considering the size of some of the USB devices available today.

I knew my friend was an Apple fan much like myself, so the most obvious choice was to use his iPhone as a storage device.

Now – out of the box this isn’t normally possible, with most file storage being controlled by iTunes. 

However, along with help from Macroplant’s iPhone explorer this is easily done. iPhone Explorer is a tiny little application available for both Mac OS X and Windows, enabling full ‘drag-drop’ functionality to the iPhone’s storage card. 

Although this offers a perfect solution for a user with access to the App on each PC, don’t be fooled into thinking this could be used to ‘rip’ all your friends music off their device. For that you would need either Pod to PC or Pod to Mac.

Using iPhone Explorer you get to see all the files stored deep down in the depth’s of the iPhone…You know, all those one’s normal users shouldn’t go near!  Not only can you use your device as a USB Pen Drive, you can also view pictures and modify files directly on the iPhone. 

Better still – if you should so wish to ‘jailbreak’ your device you will also gain access to your iPhones Address Book, SMS, e-mails and even more besides.

You can download iPhone Explorer for Macroplant’s website.

Now, as much as I love MobileMe and the sync services it provides, I just can’t bring myself to pay the massive renewal cost for an extra year as a member.  The £59 is staying firmly seated in my pocket this time round!  However, I am a little addicted to the services MobileMe provides, so I found myself having to track down alternatives for all of the services I am losing.  Surprisingly enough, this is not as difficult a task as it actually sounds.


First things first, the email was a good send – it was (as fair as I know) the first to other ‘Push‘ email technology, basically saving having to check for mail every 15 minutes.  However, since I signed up to MobileMe, the boffins over at Google have now enabled ‘Push‘ email too.  So….Let’s compare:

Service:Mobile Me Google Mail 


£59 per year100% Free
Storage Space:20 GB7 GB
Push Mail Support:YesYes
Mobile Device Support:YesYes
POP/IMAP Support:YesYes

So, there’s little difference between MobileMe’s email service, apart from the storage space…Now who’s going to need to keep more than 7GB??  If like me you download your mail to your laptop/pc anyway then that’s more than enough!

This brings me to the MobileMe’s contact features.  Again, as part of signing up for your Gmail account for FREE you also get access to a contact solution, which is again capable of sync’ing with your mobile device using MobileSync.  So that’s that sorted.

Next on the high list is the calendar offering from MobileMe.  Again this is part of the free alternative Gmail account and I am yet to find a way that Google calendars doesn’t meet up to/beat MobileMe’s offering. 

Then onto the picture storage service. Ok, you don’t get that as part of Gmail, but unless you are completely new to the whole internet world you should have at least heard of services such as flikr!  Granted flikr doesn’t have a mobile client, but all that can be solved in the final stage of my investigation…

Cloud based storage is the final feature in the MobileMe package, the best replacement for this is by far, Dropbox.  Dropbox has one of the most intelligent desktop clients I have ever seen.  Along with a mobile client to boot, it certainly has to be the best in the running as a replacement.  With Dropbox you get 2GB of storage for free, with the opportunity to obtain more space by inviting friends along. Alternatively, you could spend some of your £59 on upgrading your account and bagging yourself some more storage space.

So what do you have to lose?  Hang onto that £59 and embrace the powers of Google and Dropbox.

Over the last several years I have been disappointed by plastic USB flash drives and the fact they all fail in the same way. Countless USB Flash drives have been lost simply by the plastic keyring loop breaking off, causing frustration, data loss and financial pain. 

But now – thanks to LaCie’s Imakey this will now never be a problem for me ever again. Thanks to it’s award winning design the ‘Imakey‘ is designed to look like an everyday house key. Unlike cheaper alternatives the LaCie is built from key grade metal. Making it almost impossible to break. 
As a heavy user, I chose the 16GB variation of the key, however it’s also available it 4GB and 8GB variants. 
This not only fits perfectly on my car keys weighing in at just 14 g, but I can rest assured in the knowledge that LaCie’s Private-Public software is securing my private data. 
The Imakey features a waterproof and scratch proof USB 2 interface (with a transfer rate of up to 480Mb/s), which works with almost every platform but can also be used with Windows® ReadyBoost®.
The ImaKey range is available direct from LaCie’s online store

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