Looking for a great security app for your cell phone but don’t know where to start? There are hundreds of different apps that you can use to keep your data safe, use for parental control software or even use to keep your employees online.
Security apps have thousands of applications so you can definitely find one for anything that you want to do. Before you go looking for security apps, decide what you are looking for, how much you are going to pay for it and then search. You’re sure to find something for your phone and your phone’s operating system.

Antivirus App – An antivirus app is unfortunately necessary if you have a Windows 8, Android or Blackberry phone. While you can find some antivirus apps for Apple, they are few and far between but still useful. Did you know that about 25% of spammers and hackers are now targeting mobile devices with their malicious software? If you aren’t protected, you could be losing your important personal data! Great options include mobile versions of popular antivirus systems such as Norton or etc.

Parental Control – Keeping your kid’s safe is important and we all want to do our part. If you’ve given your kids a phone you have to worry about cyber bullying inappropriate content and even sexting. In fact, it’s estimated that about 70% of kids either sext or share inappropriate photos! You can use parental software including mobile spy apps like mSpy or etc. or you can learn more about your parental control options and have your kids show you their phones every night. However, this won’t prevent them from texting something naughty and then deleting it.

Phone Tracking – Whether you want to know where your phone is if you lose it or it gets stolen or want to know where the owner of a phone is, phone tracking apps are invaluable. Mobile spy apps will usually contain features that will let you accurately track the exact GPS location of any phone as long as it has battery and internet.
There are hundreds if not thousands of free security apps you can download, but you should remember that the best ones will probably cost money. Most good antivirus apps will cost a yearly subscription and so will any parental control or phone tracking apps you decide to download. You and your families, safety is important, especially on your mobile phone.

Author Bio: Ida C Evans
An experienced writer in the high tech sphere, Ida C Evans works at an mSpy company developing cell phone spy software. Contact her at idacevans@gmail.com.

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accounts logo Enable 2 step verification for Google accounts

Seemingly everywhere you turn just recently everyone is implementing 2 factor/2 step verification, this is essentially a second step required to enable you to access normally password secured sites and services. Everything from your bank account to your web based email will shortly be secured using these new methods.
Each service has it’s own way of providing this second layer of security, your work VPN may have a code generating token\keychain, your bank may have provided you with a calculator and Google are now providing codes to your mobile device which you can use.
Each of the major services will hopefully contact you to set up your 2nd layer. For your Google accounts, you should be able to enable it now by visiting this link
It’s a good idea to enable this as soon as possible to prevent unauthorised access to your account.
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macscan Save 20% on MacScan for a limited timeFor a limited time only, thanks to the guys over at Mac Promo you can get MacScan for a limited time with 20% off the RRP using the promo code SAINTNICK.  MacScan is a premier anti-spyware and security application to help protect you Mac.

Not only is it capable of removing spyware, it also cleans up all the rubbish your Mac gets littered with when surfing the web. Including clearing down your cookies using a blacklist system, whilst keeping your saved logging details intact.
MacScan features frequent definition updates and a collection of over 8000 known blacklisted cookies, put together by it’s users.
Why not grab yourself a trial copy of MacScan from their site, http://macscan.securemac.com/buy/ or take advantage of the voucher code before it runs out. icon smile Save 20% on MacScan for a limited time
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applescript icon Lock your mac with a click of your mouseIn the interests of security it’s best to lock your machine as soon as you leave it. Perhaps more relevant to an iMac over a MacBook (as im sure you would never leave your MacBook unattended) but still important either way.

There are a few options for locking your machine, i recently blogged about one of the more geeky methods ‘AirLock‘ which uses a bluetooth proximity system to lock you’re machine when you are more then a specified distance away. However, as we all know bluetooth sucks power faster then a Dyson vacuum cleaner sucks sand in a desert. So for a less ‘power hungry’ method you can use the  ’Automator‘ to build a shortcut which locks the screen at the click of your mouse.
This method using a single line of ‘shell code’:
/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/User.menu/Contents/Resources/CGSession -suspend
Which uses the ‘fast users’ switching method to secure your mac. Not only is this click and simple, but it’s also quite cool as the Mac screen will rotate round in a ‘cube’ like motion.
To turn this line of code into a shortcut you can run, start the Automator application using you’re favourite app launcher or click the icon in the Applications folder.
Automator Lock your mac with a click of your mouseOnce launched you will be presented with a choice of templates for your Automator project. For this particular project select the ‘Application’ template. Once the template has done loading type ‘Run’ into the search panel on the left. You should see the list filtering away to leave a collection of options. Double click on the ‘Run shell script’ option. Once done amend the code in the Shell script window so it looks like the following screen shot:
shell Lock your mac with a click of your mouse 
Once done, you can either test it using the ‘Run’ button, or save it to a location of your choice. 
Now all you need to do is click the .App file to lock your machine. 
If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous you can use the ‘Automator’ application to expand the project and add user prompts or logging etc.
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Downtime Expected

On February 23, 2009, in Blog, by

joomla Downtime ExpectedHello all, as most of you will know my site runs on the Joomla CMS backend, which has a full time team of developers fixing security issues and bugs etc on a regular basis.. I have recently found a brilliant tool called Joomla Magic Updater. I am shortly going to be using it to upgrade my Joomla install to the latest available release. During the update I expect some downtime on the site. However, it should be kept to a minimum and will hopefully be back online before anyone notices.


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