PowerstrapWhilst at today’s Gadget Show Live I took the opportunity to replace my previous portable power pack. My previous being the trusty Ted Baker battery pack, which unfortunatly is unable to charge my iPhone 3GS.

I managed to get me hands on a Powerstrap. As seen on five’s Gadget Show, and obviously at Gadget Show Live.

The Powerstrap is a portable battery charger built into a wrist strap. The wrist strap is made up of a soft foam, and features LED lights to indicate the current charge held by the power strap.

The strap had a single micro USB port on the site which is both the input and output for charging. Inside the strap is a 1500mAH Li-ion battery which is charged through the mini USB port via either a pclaptop or power USB adapter.

Once charged it can then be used to provide approximately 1.5 full charges to an Apple iPhone, and varying levels to other battery based devices depending on the draw required.

On the underside of the strap is a metal clasp and loop, sporting the Powerstrap logo. The strap is no heavier then a normal sports watch, but is a little chunkier. The strap also comes with a collection of cable adapters to provide support to many devices, and a ‘curly’ cable to plug into the strap. The strap has many possible uses, not just phones. But cameras, games consoles, games controllers and anything else you can get a USB cable for.

Being strapped to your wrist means you can quite happily play your games console without having to sit 2 feet away for a power socket. Perfect for the beach or pool side!

This is certainly going to save valuable pocket space and prevent scratches on my tech from sharing a pocket with a bulky battery.

The power strap is available to purchase from: Amazon at £38.99, you can find more information at Powerstrap’s homepage Powerstrap.co.uk

Luscious SMSLuscious SMS is a desktop based mobile phone communications management solution, aimed at those who send large volumes of text messages or who would just rather use their computers keyboard instead of the phones keypad.

Luscious is able to extract SMS message folder contents including your Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, Sent and Trash folders direct from your mobile phone using either bluetooth or a cable connection. It even supports Apple iPhones, and they don’t even have to be jail broken!
Luscious is capable of sending SMS messages direct through connected mobile phones….. UNLESS of course you have an iPhone, for which SMS sending does not work! Which is a major pain. However Luscious offers a solution to that issue, it’s capable of sending SMS messages through one of several free online SMS services, or through it’s own professional SMS gateway.
Luscious has an ‘in-app’ store allowing you to purchase SMS packages of 100 SMS messages at €10 each. Enabling easy cost control over your mobile messaging.
The application integrates seamlessly with the native OS X address book, even providing autocompletion of names. Allowing the fastest possible solution for text messaging! It also contains a built in mini address book where you can store contact groups for batch messaging. 
Luscious has a feature rich and very liquid GUI interface, which doesn’t look out of place running next to my many other native Mac applications. Not only does it download all of the SMS folder contents, it also displays the senders name and not just the number. (unlike many similar applications)
The app is currently capable of supporting
Apple iPhone – SMS Receive
Sony Ericson Phones – SMS Send & Receive
Sagen Phones – SMS Send & Receive
With Nokia phone support coming soon!
If you are a Mac lover, and heavy SMS user then this app would be perfect for you!
To use Luscious you will need to be running Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and have either an active internet connection of a phone capable of supporting both send & receive from the list above.
You can download a 15 day trial version of Luscious from their website, and for a full version visit the ‘in-app’ store and purchase a license for €19.90

TapatalkAny forum admin worth his salt will already know about Tapatalk. Tapatalk is a mobile application designed for most handsets which renders forums in such a way it makes using them from your mobile simple. 

Installation of Tapatalk onto a forum is so simple anyone could do it! No doubt this is going to spread like wildfire, and since I have spent some time configuring my mobile template it made sense that I enable my forum for Tapatalk whilst I was at it.
If you have the Tapatalk application for your mobile, search for MikeSel and you should find my forum!
There are currently applications available for iPhones, BlackBerries, Android and Nokia’s. You can download the client from Tapatalk’s download page
You can read more about it over in my Forum

If you are a regular visitor to the siteblog you may have read that I recently implemented a few licences for LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile in order to aid the support of 200+ Nokia E71 mobile phones.

LogMeIn Rescue is used by IT helpdesks to provide instant remote support to customers and employees. Gain control of a remote PC, Mac, or smartphone* over the web in seconds, without the need to pre-install software.

After only 4 days of use the service has already saved the return of 6 mobile phones back to head office. Which in turn has saved 6 account managers ‘downtime’ from their phones, and has saved the business £££’s from postage and packaging costs.

We have used the service not only to guide users through simple tasks, but to install the latest release of Mail For Exchange, reconfigure settings transfer some photo’s from a users phone to his pc, and even record a video tutorial on how to change the settings on the phone. Which has since been distributed to the phone users. With features like complete file manipulation, and remote reboot the installation of software updatesfixes is a breeze!

The web based interface saved me the hassle of having to install software to the PC’s that the analysts use, and having the service hosted took the burden out of hardware allocation in the server room!

The interface is simple, and easy to navigate allowing the analysts to take on support calls with minimal amounts of training! All be it simple, it is in no way limited in functionality. It has also enabled us to brand the service with our own company logo’s, making the integration to our other helpdesk solution seemless.

As part of the LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile licence the desktop remote support is included. Although we didn’t intend on using this, and simply purchased the licence for our Nokia’s, we found ourselves in a situation which required access to a laptop which was behind a hardware firewall. A situation which isn’t normally easy to resolve! Yet again, LogMeIn Remote+Rescue saved the day! Saving the account manager the long drive back to head office for us to resolve the issue.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to look into using this as a replacement for the current remote support solution, no doubt I will post up the results of the new trial.

LogMeIn Remote+Rescue supports a variety of operating systems including:

All of which can be controlled using the technician panel, giving the analyst a view of what the user can see taking all of the pain out of the support call!

As per the picture below, several phone are available for complete emulation. The phones not yet emulated, can still be supported and navigated using simple key combinations on your normal PC keyboard.

Once I had received confirmation from the business to go ahead with the order I found our account manager Jakob Thusgaard extremely knowledgeable on the subject and always happy to help. Answering any question I threw at him with speed and professionalism. Making him easily approachable, and boosting my confidence with the purchase.

I have already recommended LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile to several of my friends in the field, and will continue to do so!

If you would like more information on the product and pricing, check out the official website.

If your a fellow user, or you took on the product thanks to the post – please let your comments below!

If you are looking for a twitter client for your Nokia E71 Jakob over at Thusgaard.com recommends twittix

Now, Twittix is a native S60 client for Twitter. It costs about €5 and brings you all the things you’d expect from one of the top two applications in the market: timeline, tweeting, replying, direct messages, My Tweets, people you follow, followers, etc. In my last post on this topic I said that Gravity has set the bar, so naturally we will be comparing Twittix to Gravity. In the following I will focus less on what these two great applications have in common and a lot on what makes them different from eachother.Thusgaard.com 2009, May 2009

You should really check out the entire article over at Jakobs site!

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