If like me, you are an avid laptop user who’s laptop travels with them everywhere, then carrying a collection of DVD’s with you is essential for those times when you exhaust the internet. However, carrying a large collection of discs everywhere you go is so last year! Especially now with the price of terabyte drives dropping at the rate they are.

Which means it makes perfect sense to copy all the DVD’s you own to image files, which you can mount directly on your laptop and watch without hassle. Not only does this save on what you have to carry, but also the amount of battery power you laptop consumes as there are less moving parts. Over the many years of laptop use I have been exposed to many different flavours of DVD extraction applications, all with their own different benefits. However MakeMKV is pretty special. In the way that you only need two clicks on you mousetrackpadtablet screen in order to initiate the ‘ripping’ of your DVD and even your Blu-ray movie! 
Yes! That’s right, I did say Blu-ray…. This perhaps has to be one of the first ever free applications with Blu-ray capabilities! Obviously there are some prerequisites to this.. In that your laptop will need a Blu-ray drive, and you will need a shed load of storage space! I am not able to test the Blu-ray functions, as I have not yet made the leap to Blu-ray but I’ve heard its functions are faultless.
All you need to do is download MakeMKV for your operating system:
Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32bit or 64bit) – MakeMKV 1.5.2
X86 Mac OS X 10.4 or later – MakeMKV 1.5.2
Once you have done installing, pop in the DVD hit the ‘Make MKV’ button, and go put the kettle on!
Now, to play back your MKV file, you are going to need and advanced player.. Something like VLC from VideoLan will do the job nicely.

If you have a Mac, and an iPhone then M.H.A. have the perfect application for you! Airlock is a bluetooth device proximity sensor, which once linked to your iPhone will automatically lock your mac when you walk outside of the predefined radius. Not only does this work on the iPhone but it even works with the iPod touch.

Not only does it lock your mac, you can set specific applicationsapple scripts to fire when it locks and unlocks. Making it the perfect companion for all those worried about the security of their data.
What if your iPhone dies I hear you say!! Well no worries people, as there’s always the manual override of simply entering your password and away you go!
Airlock is available from M.H.A.’s website for the small fee of $7.99

SecureClientUpon install Check Point SecureClient on my Mac OS X 10.6 MacBook Pro I found it was starting automatically on boot up. Which normally isn’t a problem, but because of the way it secures the network adapters it prevents essential traffic on my home network, because of this I am found shutting it down each time I logon. Which is a little frustrating!

The SecureClient doesn’t show up in the normal list of applications, but it can still be disabled using the terminal. (Utilities > Terminal)
  1. Change to root.
  2. Run:
    source /opt/CPsrsc-50/.cshrc
    StartupItemsMgr remove $SRDIR/bin/SecureClient.app
Upon running the above in your terminal window you should find the SecureClient will no longer run on boot up. To run the application in future just launch it from the Applications finder window.

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