Since my very first iOS device I suffered the same annoyances as countless other newly found apple owners. That was the forced acceptance of applications that served a specific purpose to a specific audience, such as the stocks and shares or newsstand etc.

Now obviously getting rid of these apps could be done by jail breaking the device and simply removing them or hiding them etc. however jailbreaking isn’t really for the faint hearted and cam pose issues if your not tech savvy.

Which is where this little trick comes in. Thanks to this site its now possible to hide those annoying ‘stock’ apps from your iOS devices launch pad. Granted this is only a temporary fix, as a reboot will bring them back. However, Im pretty sure I could count how many times I reboot in a month on one hand, so its a small price to pay having to reapply the ‘fix’.

All you need to do is visit this site select the app you want to hide from the list
then follow the instructions. Works perfectly every time :) if you have a different method you use or find the one above useful, let me know using the comments section below!

So finally an app has been published I am actually looking forward to using on the iOS6 Passbook..

Passbook has been a strange application since launch, it’s almost like they launched it too soon! Should vendors have built apps prior to its launch?? Should there not be more apps available by now?? Who knows, but what I do know is the UK seem to have been a bit behind the times with Passbook! Even when Starbucks released there update to include Passbook support a few weeks ago, it only serviced iPhones in the US! Boooo @ Starbucks!

However, today they have finally received another update, which now means us loyal Starbucks customers in the UK can finally benefit!

The update came through shortly after my visit to Starbucks today, so I’ve not yet had chance to test it. However, its promise of automatically popping up on my lock screen as I walk in the store is pretty special! As a frequent Starbucks visitor, I am pretty sure it won’t be long until I’m testing it out.

Have you had chance to use this yet? Or is there an app out there you’d like to see on Passbook?

Like most adopters of Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 6 I too have been impressed with the all new Panorama mode of the built in camera software. This new mode enables you to take a full panoramic shot using nothing but a steady hand and the built in software.

By default, when launching into panorama mode it’s set to go from left to right. However, with just one single finger tap on the white arrow you can switch that so it goes from right to left! A simple little trick some people may overlook!


Popular Voice-Over-IP calling system ‘Skype’ has recently released an update to their iPhone application. Skype on iPhone works flawlessly for calling your Skype connected friends and family, and what’s more using Skype with ‘Skype out’ credits can often work out cheaper then using your standard mobile tariff.

Version 3.7 brings updates to the chat and dial pad view, along with lots of stability improvements and bug fixes.

If you have not had chance to test out Skype yet, you can download it from the AppStore for free.

Don’t forget Skype to Skype calls are free of charge (data usage charges may apply) and Skype to normal phones are charged at a reduced rate.

So last night a good friend of mine came over with an iPhone dilemma.. Stuck with iOS5 and a need downgrade.. We tried various solutions with non working completely. We then decided to try and jailbreak the device, to try and work around the issue. Knowing iOS5 jailbreaks are still in there very early stages we knew this would be tethered, but accepted its fate and carried on anyway.. The jailbreak went without a hitch, using RedSn0w all looked well! Apart from the fact it still didnt resolve the issue and now we were stuck with a tethered boot device for no reason at all.

On we went trying to un-break the device, using my MacBook pro, and as many ipsw’s as we could find.. All of which failed, with pretty much every error message found in iTunes. The most common one being “This iPhone is not eligible..” this proved to be the most persistent. Even standing when we tried to do the stock iOS5 install..

However.. The fix wasn’t as google suggested, it had nothing to do with the hosts file.. An TinyUmberella couldn’t help.. So I booted up my Windows 7 VM, installed iTunes 10.5 and straight away it restored the iOS ipsw without any error messages or questions asked!!!

Now, I’m not sure if it was OS X lion, or the fact I’d been messing with TinyUmberella all night long, but one things for sure.. The VM fixed it.. An I didn’t even have to touch my hosts file!

So my tip of the day is.. If iTunes doesn’t want to help, try another machine be it physical or virtual, before spending 4 hours trying to figure out why!!

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