It’s fair to say Googles analytic service truly is the market leader for website visitor analysis.

The analytics service has been on the go for many years now, and features lots of advanced features for tracking an reducing bounce rates.

There’s always been one downside of the Google analytic service, and that’s been the mobile website, which can be temperamental to say the least!

Well that’s all about to change! Google have just released there own analytics iOS app. Which features all the facilities found on the website. Tied up nearly into a native app.

tetouch iOS7 icon Smile, a developer of productivity applications for Mac and iOS, has released TextExpander touch 2.6, an update for the iOS version of their customizable typing shortcut tool. The update adds support for the Fleksy keyboard as well as various minor fixes.

TextExpander touch is £2.99/$4.99 available on the App Store and requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 7.

What’s new in TextExpander touch 2.6:

  • Support for Fleksy, a new color keyboard that makes touch typing easy and accurate
  • Various minor bug fixes

TextExpander touch Features:

  • Type faster on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch using short abbreviations that expand into long snippets of text
  • Compose notes quickly and easily that contain frequently-used text like addresses, phone numbers, email signatures, URLs, etc.
  • Automatically insert your notes into Mail, SMS and Twitter clients, or copy-and-paste messages into other apps on your iOS device
  • Use your snippets directly in many TextExpander-enhanced iOS apps
  • Sync your snippets using Dropbox, or import your snippet groups from your Mac via your local wifi network
  • Share snippet groups with other iOS devices and Macs on your local network
  • Save composed notes in an archive for reuse
  • Organize snippets in groups
  • Sort snippets and organize groups via drag and drop
  • Add Predefined Groups such as emoji, accented words, symbols, and HTML/CSS
  • Add snippet groups available online via URL
  • Create “fill-in-the-blank” snippets including text fields and multiple choice options to quickly customize a snippet upon expansion
  • Create and use formatted text and plain text snippets in notes or when sending to email
  • Add macros to your snippet with the “Insert” menu to include things like the current date and time, clipboard contents, nesting of other snippets, and more

System Requirements:
iOS 7

For more information on TextExpander touch, please visit:

With the recent introduction of OS X Mavericks, Apple brought a new feature to the OS. The ability to sync the OS keychain up to iCloud and then from their down to iOS devices. (and vice versa)

Previously the only two applications which came close to being able to do this was and 1Password. The main downside to the two contenders was their reliance on additional applications, and the need to copy/paste between your password storage and your browser.

Apple may have just hammered another nail into their coffins with the introduction of the new iOS 8 operating system, and it’s ability to pull stored credentials from the keychain even inside applications on the device.

So going forward, not only will you be able to autofill credentials directly into website login forms, but also application logins to. This is a fantastic move in the right direction in my opinion.

I used LastPass for many years, but was reluctant to pay the membership fee simply for the mobile access to my passwords. Now with the keychain sharing as powerful as it is, I very rarely have to visit the LastPass site.

Of course, this iCloud sharing is not without it’s caveats. The biggest being, to gleam the benefits from it you’ll need to be using safari as your browser. You’ll also need iCloud syncing turned on, and the other small issue being, you’ll need to own a mac.

I’m looking forward to iOS 8s release, even more so with this new feature.

20140614-142034-51634606.jpgWe’ve all been there, found some amazing content you just to show the other people in the room.. But how many of us sit there an think “for god sake, don’t swipe left, don’t swipe right, don’t exit the application, don’t nosey else where.. Just look and hand back the phone!?”

Well – there’s a little hidden gem of a feature called Guided access, and it’s buried inside the accessibility settings menu.

With this feature switched on, you can actually “lock” your device inside an application, and what’s more, using simple drawing techniques you can disable buttons, menus or features.

Only users with the pass code are able to exit the guided access mode, making it perfect for handing your phone over to your more inquisitive friends.

To switch on guided access on your iOS device, goto Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access

Once there, be sure to set a passcode you’ll remember!

Now, to activate the guided mode head to any application, and triple tap the “home” button. Draw round any controls you want to disable, then hand your phone to your friend. Simple!

MuteWe all have at least that one account on twitter that we love to follow, and 9 tweets out of every 10 are interesting – however sometimes that very same account gets a little…….. passionate….. about a particular subject and start ‘flooding’ your time line with something you’re not really interested in.

Now – you could un-follow them – but then you’d miss the over tweets you actually like to read. Twitter has finally come to the rescue with its most recent feature. The ability to mute a user! This is something so simple, which is already saving headaches.

To mute a user from the twitter app on your iPhone, all you need to do is head over the ‘profile’ of the twitter user. You can do this by tapping on their avatar from their latest tweet.

Now tab on the ‘cog’ icon just underneath their post count.

Twitter Cog


Now tap of the ‘Mute @<username>’ menu option at the top of the pop up menu



The app will then display a visual prompt to confirm the mute has taken effect



That’s all there is to it.. You will no longer see the users tweets in your timeline unless they mention you in a tweet.

There is (currently) no way to ‘schedule’ the removal of a mute. So once things have calmed down, and you would like to once again see the users tweets in your timeline; head back to their profile, and tap on the red speak to un-mute them.



That is how to mute on Twitter for iOS.

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