Technology has definitely helped many of us over the last decade, but the realms of mobile technology remain vast and somewhat unexplored. There’s just about an app for every conceivable business or pleasure requirement, but many of the latest additions are a definite must have for those of you who wish to produce the dream garden, but unfortunately lack the know-how or skills. What follows are some of the better gardening apps and technology aimed at both beginner and advanced gardeners:

Garden Plants Growing Guide

garden guide play If You Happen To Be Lacking In Green Fingers Department Don't Let It Worry You There's An App For That!

This is a free Android app and specifically focuses on how to grow, cultivate and care for certain garden plants. In fact, there are full instructions and beautiful photographs that will help you produce up to 75 of the most stunning herbs, flowers and vegetables.


koubachi If You Happen To Be Lacking In Green Fingers Department Don't Let It Worry You There's An App For That!

Now this is an app that most avid gardeners would kill for. Koubachi is a Wi-Fi sensor that will monitor some of the most important aspects of plant care. Not only will this app oversee certain information such as soil moisture, correct lighting and temperature of plant care, it will also send notifications to your smartphone informing you of the type of care (and when) that is required.

Garden Guide

garden guide itunes If You Happen To Be Lacking In Green Fingers Department Don't Let It Worry You There's An App For That!

This guide is specifically aimed at those of you who enjoy producing a vegetable garden. It will provide a wide variety of tips and techniques on planting and growing vegetables. You will also be informed of other resources available to you to ensure that you produce some of the most mouth-watering and sought after vegetables ever.

Fruit Garden

fruit guide If You Happen To Be Lacking In Green Fingers Department Don't Let It Worry You There's An App For That!

Just as with the Garden Guide app, Fruit Garden is all about growing and cultivating the perfect fruits. It is available as an Android and iOS app and is once again aimed at both beginners and expert gardeners. You will be informed about how to prepare your soil, the best varieties of fruit, how to harvest, as well as a whole host of other great tips.

Click & Grow

clickngrow If You Happen To Be Lacking In Green Fingers Department Don't Let It Worry You There's An App For That!

Well with the introduction on numerous “Smart” gadgets, welcome to the smart gardener. Click & Grow allows you to grow and fertilise your plants without the need for personal care or even water. This is actually a flowerpot (of sorts) that includes a pump, batteries, sensors, a water reservoir, seeds and plant cartridges and certain software. Basically you can grow some of the most beautiful plants by simply adding batteries and filling the water tank once right after purchase.

Unfortunately, we aren’t all born with the knowledge and expertise on how to grow a beautiful garden. However, the garden can often be used for many different things. Some may choose to grow their own fruits and vegetables, whereas others look to entertain during the warmer months of the year by either firing up the barbeque or simply holding a garden party. If you happen to fall into any of these categories it’s likely you’ll want your garden to look as welcoming and beautiful as possible… and modern technology has made this even easier for you!

This post was contributed by Gavin Smith from Gavin loves growing flowering plants and his company makes decks and pergolas in Melbourne area.

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medium 2238968103 The Best Weather Apps For The IPad

After one of the longest cold snaps we have experienced in quite a while it seems to be getting increasingly difficult to guess what the British weather will do next. With the weather starting to warm up and the usual mix of showers and sunshine on the horizon, staying up to date with weather conditions will come in handy when planning what outfit to venture out it. To help you avoid getting caught in any heavy showers I’ve put together a brief collection of the best weather apps currently available for the iPad. You’ll be a professional weather forecaster before you can say cumulonimbus.

Accuweather for iPad

This weather app covers all of the U.K. and is very easy to use. The app looks good works well and even offers you advice on how the current weather might affect your body: “An excellent time for reparatory health”, being just one of the pearls of wisdom you will be provided with.


This app is perfect for the rare occasions we are blessed with plentiful amounts of sunshine. The app calculates the safest period of time to stay in the sun according to all skin types, giving you a better impression of what is safe for your individual skin tone. It also provides the UV index for your specific location and boasts a good number of sunbathing tips and advice.

Weather Pro

This is Europe’s foremost weather forecast app, and features reports from more than two million locations in up to three-hourly intervals. Coming complete with high resolution maps and radar images you can be confident that any adverse weather conditions won’t take you by surprise.

Met Office Weather

The Met Office is a highly reliable source of information with the majority of major television networks relying on them for their weather forecasts. This app gives you five day forecasts, a UV forecast and a handy ‘feels-like’ temperature guide that will help definitely you make sensible clothing choices.


Swackett is a different kind of weather app, communicating weather forecasts visually by using ‘peeps’ who always appear appropriately dressed for weather conditions.  When it’s cold outside peeps will appear dressed in winter hats or coats, and when it’s sunny the shorts and sunglasses will appear. A fun, fresh and useful weather app, Swackett converts complex weather data to easily understood, visual weather reports suitable for people of any age.

 License: Creative Commons image source 

Thanks to Les from The Snugg for this post. Les contributes regularly to a number of tech blogs and is a huge fan of mobile technology. Keep your iPad protected from the rain with the iPad keyboard cover at The Snugg’s Amazon store.

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The number of people who use an iPad these days is quite staggering. It’s definitely doing its best to take over the computing industry. The reason they are so popular is because most people just want to consume information. If they do want to create something it can still be done on an iPad, but from anywhere you like because they are so mobile. The only thing you might have trouble with in the beginning is printing stuff off.

With a desktop computer you would have your printer attached. You obviously still need one lying around in order to print, but you need a good printing app. It makes it much easier to send stuff from your iPad straight to the printer in no time. We can go over some of the best ones now that all have their own positive features. Which one you decide to use is up to you.

Air Sharing HD

air sharing hd 5 Cool Printing Apps You Can Use With Your iPad

The best thing about this app is the ability to print from your iPad to any printer that’s attached to a Wi-Fi network for Mac computers. It can also only print any documents and photos through a server like your email account. This is a big pain when you get started, but eventually you’ll get used to it. Everything you want to print will need to be emailed to yourself before being sent to print. The app’s been around for a few years now and in the future they will hopefully come back with great updates. It’s only a few dollars anyway, so it’s cheap enough that you can test it out.


b0055j4hgo 2 5 Cool Printing Apps You Can Use With Your iPad

Before you use this app you might first want to download the free version to check it works with your printer. It’s been known to be a little troublesome with certain models. This was originally only available for the iPhone, but now it’s fully functional with the iPad. When you’re looking for a printer you can try and find it through the app, or alternatively you must enter its IP address. This app is pretty versatile and it can print out a good selection of things, so it’s definitely worth checking out.


This is a pretty cool app because it works pretty well with a lot of printers. Out of all the Wi-Fi printers on the market there won’t be a lot that you can’t directly print to. You can also go though your Mac computer or PC and do it that way. I guess it just depends what kind of printer you have available. You can’t print emails with it, but everything else if fair game. It’s definitely worth using and just having another one set-up for whenever you want to print any of your emails out. All in all it’s definitely worth trying out.

Print Magic

print magic 610x448 5 Cool Printing Apps You Can Use With Your iPad

If you want to go with the crowd then this app is definitely one of the more popular with fellow users on iTunes. It’s so cheap it’s practically free, plus it’s compatible with nearly all Wi-Fi printers on the market. They are actually compatible with around 1000 models and if you go have a look on their website you will find out in a few minutes whether or not your printer will work. You can’t print PDFs with the basic version and if you want those capabilities you will need to pay a few dollars for the upgrade.

Print n Share

I think the coolest thing about this app has to be the fact you can print over 3G. You could be traveling somewhere while typing a document and once you hit print it will be sitting waiting for you when you get home. As with a few of the apps here it can print to almost any Wi-Fi enabled printer. You can also print something off through your computer, but it means installing Print n Share software on it first. You can also print files from other apps, Dropbox being a good example since lots of people have an account with them.

Todd Jones sells customized ;picture frame mats ;for a living which can be used for domestic as well as small scale commercial purposes.

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You love to travel and your children are about to hit the road with you. This means you’re now packing for extra people, keeping the little ones occupied, and looking for family-friendly venues along the way. The good news is that smartphone users can utilize dozens of great apps to ensure their trips are organized and fun. Here are some you should consider as you plan for and embark on your next trip.

Pack & Go Delux

You have to pack bags for yourself, your kids, and maybe even for your spouse. This means you need to make a list and check it twice – for each person. Who has time for that? With Pack & Go Delux you’ll have access to ready-made lists that you can customize for each person. Add a couple of reminders and you won’t forget to go back and add those last minute essentials to each person’s bag.

Viator Tours & Activities

If your children are old enough to have a say, the Viator Tours & Activities app will help them to participate in the planning process. The app is loaded with information about activities and tours in destinations around the globe. You’ll get to see what’s available, how you can purchase tickets, and even take a look at photos submitted by other users. This app will definitely bring your family together.


We all know the TSA has some pretty stringent guidelines concerning what you can and can’t take on an airplane. The myTSA app makes it easy for you to review your carry-on bags to ensure you aren’t breaking any rules. It’s less stressful to have to buy something once you’re past security than it is to listen to your kid scream because his bottle of juice was thrown away. This app is essential to good planning and a peaceful trip.

Sit or Squat

If you’ve ever had a child whining at you for a bathroom, you’ll understand just how important an app like Sit or Squat can really be. This app will target your location and then let you know what public bathrooms are near enough to access and whether they’re open or closed. It also allows users to rate each bathroom so you can avoid the truly disgusting locations we’ve all grown to hate.


Have you ever taken your kids on a day trip only to find you have no idea where you parked your car? This app is great for short trips and longer vacations, especially if you’re touring unfamiliar territory. You’ll be able to mark the app to show exactly where you parked your car. Stuck in a parking garage? You won’t forget where in the garage you are. Have to feed a parking meter? No problem. The timer will help you to remember to make it back in time – or at least go back and add more money.

Traveling with the family can be an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience. It can also be a little bit stressful. Use these apps to take some of the burden off of your shoulders and spend a little more time enjoying your family!

About the Author: Jone Beel and her family love to travel. She has 4, 7, and 13 year old girls and their needs vary drastically. In a few years she plans on taking the girls to the best African safari she can find, making it their first international adventure.

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Apple Reminders iOS app tip

On December 20, 2012, in Blog, by

Since the early days of iOS 5 I have been a big fan of the iOS reminders app, especially the ability to sync between my iPad, MacBooks and web for non Apple devices. Because of this, I maintained several separate lists for various things. However, recently (I believe it was one of the iOS 5 minor releases) Apple removed the ‘page markers’ at the bottom of the reminders screen, and seemingly the ability to swipe between lists. This morning, I noticed – purely by accident – that the ability to switch between lists by swiping had not gone anywhere.. It’s just had it field of ‘swipe’ narrowed to just the lists title. Swiping either left or right on the list title switches between the lists. This is a god send if, like me you have many lists!

20121220 120950 Apple Reminders iOS app tip
Do you use something else for your reminders? The AppStore is flooding with App’s each with their own features and pit falls. Let me know in the comments below which one you use.

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