20140614-140102-50462831.jpgAfter Apple announced their up and coming “Health” platform for iOS it was only a matter of time before Google came through with an android equivalent.

Forbes have now released information suggesting Google are in fact working on their own aggregation platform. Rumours suggest it will be titled ‘Google Fit’. Believed to aimed at Jawbone and Fitbit owners. As well as aggregating from fitness related apps.

Google have their yearly I/O scheduled for June the 25th and 26th where it’s expected they will unveil the new platform, along side other wearable tech.

As of yet, it’s not known whether the fitness facility will be built into the next generation of the Android O/S or if it will be a standalone app. There’s also been no news of an M5 type processing chip in any of their up and coming devices.

More information on the new platform can be found here

Over the last few weeks the company that I work for have been migrating from Google Apps over to Microsoft 365 for mail/calendar/contacts and unified messaging etc. This has not been without it’s challenges. Some have which have been fairly bizarre. This week I was approached by a member of our department who had somehow managed to end up with 10,000+ appointments of the same title in his calendar. We set about trying to remove them on mass using the Outlook GUI, but soon realised this would take a very long time. Which is when I put together the following snippet of VBA:

NB: This code ‘takes no prisoners, and straight deletes the appointments matching the criteria you pass it. This wouldn’t be easy to undue if you ran with incorrect parameters. I’d advise adding a break point and testing a few before letting it hit your entire calendar folder.

Dim myNameSpace As NameSpace
Dim myCalendar As Folder
Dim myAppts As Items
Dim myAppt As AppointmentItem
Dim i As Integer

Sub purge_cal()
    Set myNameSpace = Outlook.Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")
    Set myCalendar = myNameSpace.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar)

    Set myAppts = myCalendar.Items
    i = 0
    For Each myAppt In myAppts
        If myAppt.Subject = "" Then
            i = i + 1
            Debug.Print "Deleting " & myAppt.Subject

        End If
        Debug.Print i & " calendar items deleted"
End Sub

Google have today released some pretty exciting news news the mobile Google drive app now allows on device/in app editing of your google documents! As far as I know it’s the first in the field of mobile online storage apps to offer such a service.

As you can see from the video below, they have pretty much got it nailed..

There’s only downside to the recent news… As of yet, the app does not support in app editing of Google Spreadsheets. However, I feel confident in saying it won’t be far behind todays release. Once it finally arrives, I will seriously have to reconsider my current alliance to Dropbox and SugarSync.

You can download Google Drive for iOS from the App Store now for free.

If you really are serious about web development, Google analytics will play a large part in your monthly/weekly/daily reporting. Analytics is a free service offered to web developers by Google. Using tracking code in your website and an online control panel you can obtain in-depth data about your website and online campaigns.

The boffins over at Google have recently released a ‘closed’ beta offering something never seen before in the analytics control panel.. A true ‘real time’ view of your current sites visitors, with statistics updating every second. Currently when switching to the beta view, you get:

  • Overview pane
  • Current visitor count – Shows the number of people visiting your website right now
  • Page views per minute – Shows the number of page views in the last 30 minutes broken down into 1 minute segments
  • Page views per second  - Shows the number of page views in the last 30 seconds broken down into 1 second segments
  • Top referrals – Shows the number and names of referring websites
  • Top active pages – Shows you the busiest webpage on your site
  • Top keywords – Shows you how your current visitors found your sites by the keywords they used
  •  Top locations – Shows an interactive map of where your current visitors are located
  • Locations pane – With a break down of active visitors per location, with not only a count but a bar chart view:
  • Traffic sources pane – With a breakdown of all your sites current referes
  • Active content pane – With a breakdown of what your visitors are current viewing right now.
  • The overview pane works much like most of Google’s sites, giving you the ability to totally customise what widgets are on display and where.
    You can read more about the arrival of Analytics Realtime over at Googles Blog
    If you don’t currently have access to Realtime Analytics, you can submit a request for access
    Although analytics play an important part in web development, I always offer the same advice to up and coming budding web entrepreneurs. Try not to get disheartened with slow visit rates in the first few weeksmonths and sometimes even years of your online presence. Depending on what you set out to achieve on the internet – getting large amounts of traffic to the site without spending large volumes of  cash on advertising isn’t easy. So stick at it, and make sure you don’t neglect your site maps and meta data.

    The default screen savers found in most operating systems often leave a lot to be desired. Many looking out of place on corporate IT equipment. However, the built in RSS visualizer found in OS X has long been a favourite of mine. However, having it just display Apple’s ‘top’ news feed can get a little boring at times. Using the steps below you can have it display countless RSS feeds from all corners of the internet.

    Firstly, unless you already have one your going to need a Google Reader account so if you don’t already have one head over there and sign up for one. Once you have one, add the feeds your interested in.

    Select your ‘All Items’ feed from the menu on the right hand side. Now if you check out your address bar you should find the ‘Safari’ default ‘RSS’ icon. If you click that it will take you to an RSS feed of your…… rss feeds!

    This in turn can be fed into OS X’s screensaver setup dialogue box to enable the RSS Visualizer to display RSS feeds from all your favourite sources! Gone is the boredom of sitting with your feet up watching your screensaver!

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