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Apples World Wide Developer conference dates have been leaked by the hosting venues own calendar booking system! The Moscone West Convention centre in San Francisco has the dates between the 13th and 17th of June booked out, which falls inline with Apples previous WWDCs. 

There’s no official news from apple regarding the event as of yet. Generally the date is kept secret until the invites land on the doormats of the media and VIPs. 

The event is expected to be the launch platform for iOS 10 and OS X 10.12.. With potentially also the unveiling of new iterations of WatchOS and tvOS.

There are also rumours suggesting the Apple Music streaming service will receive an extra tier, a tier dedicated to higher resolution music. However there’s no indication of where this price point will fit. Or if this will actually be ready for WWDC 2016. 

 3.5mm jack Lots of people are asking if I think the iPhone 7 will be the first iPhone not to feature the 3.5mm headphone jack.. Personally I don’t think this would make good business sense, sure Apple could (and probably will in the future) by selling a 3.5mm to lightning connector.. They may even bundle one in with the phone! 

However, it would make much more sense to enable audio output via the Lightning connector, and allow for an ecosystem of lightning headphones from the worlds leading manufacturers first. Then drop the headphone jack once everyone’s bought into the idea. This was also discussed on the Apple Insider podcast, which if you don’t currently subscribe to – you should! 

Of course the 3.5mm deserves to die, it’s been around since the early 19th century. It’s feature list is lacking, and it’s sound quality is good…… But it could be better! 

Opening up the Lightning connector to audio makes a whole load of sense, bringing with it even higher quality sound, which would work hand in hand with the worlds uptake on 4K media. 

Of course, the biggest bugbear is going to be the lack of the ability to charge the device while listening to music. However, as it stands lightning connected devices are not allowed to draw power from the device. This is set up in the Lightning adapter requirements that manufacturers have to meet to be allowed to use the connector. 

Sure it’s going to piss people off, but Apple are often found leading the masses to the new connectivity options, such as USB C and FireWire. At the end of the day, it’s the evolution of the quality of music driving the change, and not just their want for an even thinner handset. 

Only time will tell… But I’d be very surprised if the iPhone 7 is the first to sport no headphone jack!! 

Edit: Victor Marks has pointed out that such headphones are already in circulation, which you can see here

One thing I’d never even considered, until I spotted a tweet from John Paczkowski was alternative content on Apple Music from the main stream music stuff. 

Apple Music holds a plethora of sound effects, ranging from animated noises to zoo animals.. Digging through the archive, I even stumbled across a collection of Nokia monotone ringtones.. 

A quick search of the Apple Music library for simply “sound effects” will bring back a vast collection of ‘albums’ full of effects. What’s more, if you’re looking for something specific typing in the search term also does a pretty good job of returning just what you’re looking for. 

Of course, to take full advantage of the sound effects a subscription to Apple Music is ideally required. 

If ever there was a great time to own an Apple Watch, you can now use the Donino’s app on your watch to order Pizza in just two taps!

The Apple watch app uses the pairing to your iPhone, stored card details and previous order information to make ordering pizza so (dangerously?) easy. Just one tap and your order is “in the bag”. 

Once ordered you can also track the status of your order all the way from the oven to the door with the same app. 


Boffins over at PVD+ in Taiwan have created a new app for the Apple Watch which allows complete control over the flight of a drone. Seen below in the video, the pilot, dubbed to be “using the force” uses his Jedi powers (and his Apple Watch app) to pilot the drone! 

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