iPadUnless you live under a rock or on another planet you will have seen at least one article relating to Apple’s latest product, the iPad. The iPad is is essentially a tablet version of the popular iPhone OS with so much more to give.

The iPad has been selling thick and fast in the USA, reaching a million sales in just 28 days. Yesterday Apple announced the news all of us non-us citizens have been patiently waiting for – the iPad will be launching in nine more countries around the world on the 28th of May. 
The iPad is said to have a suggested retail price of £429 (inc. VAT) for 16GB, £499 (inc. VAT) for 32GB, £599 (inc. VAT) for 64GB for Wi-Fi models and £529 (inc. VAT) for 16GB, £599 (inc. VAT) for 32GB and £699 (inc. VAT) for 64GB for Wi-Fi + 3G models.
News of this is spreading fast and UK phone network Orange have already released price plans to accompany the iPad:
I’m looking forward to seeing one in the flesh in my local Apple Store, and who knows perhaps investing?
Image courtesy of Apple


Whilst at the Gadget Show Live today there was one stand in particular that caught my eye. It was 3’s in car Wifi device, and this wasn’t just because they used an A3 as the demo car! 
Basically, the 3 network have released a 3G dongle which also acts as a wireless hotspot for in car surfing! The dongle (which costs £59.99) connects to the network and then shares the connection with any Wifi enabled mobile device. Providing speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps to Windows, Mac laptops and hand held devices.
The ‘Mifi’ dongle (Huawei E5830) is available in two different versions, a pay as you go module for the light users, or as a monthly contract for the heavy user.
The light user PAYG tariff is charged at £10 per GB which is valid for 60 Days. The contract plans start from 7.99 per month for 1 GB of data up to £17 a month for 5 GB of data. 
1 GB of usage allows you to send approximately 1000 OutlookHTML emails, Surf the web for 10 hours, download 5 4 minute videos or download 32 4 minute MP3’s.
You can get your ‘MiFi’ device and contract direct from 3’s website

JiWire LogoThe clever boffins over at jiwire have recently released an update to their popular iPhone based Wi-Fi hotspot locator. The previous version was close to making it to my top ten list, but just had a little something missing.. This one however, really does seem to tick all the boxes for me!

The Jiwire hotspot finder boasts the listing of over 300,000 hotspots in over 140 countries, and with the ability to add hotspots direct from the app more are getting added daily.
Some of the app’s other features are:
The ability to search for hotspots anywhere in the world,
The ability to get Wi-Fi hotspot details and call the location, get directions or add to a list of favourites,
The ability to filter search results by free or paid, provider or location,
The ability to download the hotspot directory for offline use,
The ability to share your finds using twitter or facebook,
and even more. Check out this page for the remaining features.
The application is compatible with both the iPod touch and iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
I’ve found this app invaluable in the past when I am out with my laptop with an urgent email to send, and as iPhone tethering on the UK Orange network is astronomically priced i’m often stuck hunting down a hotspot.
Jiwire also offer an online wi-fi hotspot finder, which you can find over at their homepage.
If you know of a hotspot near by, why not help the growth of the already massive database by submitting it’s details here

Here’s one for all you hardcore terminal fans.. TouchTerm SSH gives you simple, straight forward SSH access to your devicesservers. Unlike may other SSH iPhone apps, touch term gives you a single input and output screen. Making those more complex tasks even easier to operate remotely.

TouchTerm also enables the secure saving of connection passwords, using an overall ‘master password’, which takes the fear away from loosing your beloved device. For those of you who have even stricter connection standards, it also supports RSA/DSA Key-based authentication!
TouchTerm supports both WiFi and 3G connections to your SSH servers, and if you purchase the ‘Pro’ version, you can also save and execute ‘macros’ to speed up those mundane tasks.
There are many SSH terminal apps on the App Store, some even cheaper then TouchTerm, however – in my opinion I don’t think any of them are worth it apart from TouchTerm. I love the interface, and the choice of ‘semi-transparent’ keyboard. 
As only a light SSH user, I have not gone for the ‘Pro’ version. Which is available for £5.49, whereas the light version is £2.49. As you can see from the reviews in the App Store TouchTerm has many happy users.
For a list of commands you can use with TouchTerm (and OS X’s terminal window) check out this link.


If you are wondering what SSH is, it stands for Secure Shell, and it’s basically a network protocol enabling the secure passage of commands from device to device over the internetnetwork etc. SSH was ‘invented’ in 1995 by a researcher at Helsinki University of Technology called Tatu Yjonen. 

You can read more about SSH over at Wikipedia.

LogMeIn have been making remote control solutions since 2003, over 70 million devices worldwide have connected to their servers at one point or another.

LogMeIn’s latest string to it’s bow is the fantastic LogMeIn Ignition, Ignition is an iPhone and iPod touch application which gives you ‘one click’ access to your LogMeIn devices. 
As mobile technology becomes more advanced, people from varying business fields find them self traveling from site to site more and more. With the power of an Apple iPhone and LogMeIn Ignition theres now no longer a need to carry multiple laptops, computer or storage media with you.
Using LogMeIn Ignition you can connect back to your device, using nothing but an iPhone and a 3G or Wireless internet connection and perform tasks as if you where sat in front of it! You can attach files from your homework p.c. to an email message on your iPhone, Share vacation pictures etc from your PC, work on documents whilst on the roadtrain, finish off that important presentation or work on the important department reports all from the comfort of your train seat! (or plane, or car passenger seat even the McDonalds down the road!) Imagine the power of your VPN connection without having to undo the velcro on your bag!
With LogMeIn Ignition the possibilities are endless. All you need is an account over at LogMeIn, you can chose either a free account or a Pro account, and iPhone and the Ignition app to get started.
For a limited time only, the friendly people over at LogMeIn are offering the iPhone Ignition app for only £11.99!! Plus

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