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TaskSync RTM to iCAL SyncBit-Built Software recently released a very handy app for all you Mac & Remember The Milk users. If you don’t currently use Remember The Milk, it’s basically an online task management system that’s capable of syncing with various other systems. Including BlackBerry devices, Google Calendarm Gmail Gadgets, Twitter, Microsoft Outlook and now, thanks to TaskSync OSX’s iCal.

TaskSync is a seamless sync solution, any tasks entered into iCal will be transferred to your remember the milk account, and vice versa.

Not only can it Sync tasks, it also allows you to filter just what tasks it syncs.

TaskSync is available for download from Bit-Built’s website – download now

Bit-Built are also responsible for KillDownloadsWindow, a handy app for automatically closing your Safari Download window once all downloads are complete.

  • David Desrosiers

    Just wanted to note that this does not work with iCal on Lion at all, nor with the current Remember the Milk API. It doesn’t give any errors or warnings, but it also does not synchronize any Task from iCal to RTM or the reverse. 

    The instructions on the RTM FAQ also do not work (again, because of changes in the iCal shipped with Lion), so these instructions below also do not work: 

    https://www.rememberthemilk.com/help/answers/icalendar/appleical.rtmYour readers might be interested in looking for another alternative solution. So far, I’ve not found any. 

  • David Desrosiers

    I just thought you may want to note that this solution does not work with the iCal version that ships with Lion. It appears to sync, and does not show any error messages, but doesn’t actually send or receive any Tasks from RTM to iCal or the reverse. 

    There are instructions on the RTM FAQ that describe how to get this working, but they too, do not work (again, because of changes in iCal on Lion). 


    This may be due to the changes in the RTM API as well as the weak way in which iCal data is stored in Lion, but so far, there is no way to get Reminders from iCal into RTM, nor any way to get RTM Tasks into iCal as events or Reminders. 

    Your readers may wish to understand this as they search for other workable solutions. I’ve been looking for a week, tried dozens of things, with no success

    • http://www.mikesel.info/ Mike Hudson

      Thanks for leaving a comment David, I have since moved onto iCloud for my reminderstasks so I no longer use RTM. 

      I would be interested to hear from you should you find a solution..


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