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For reasons yet unknown my Apple MacBook Pro has recently been testing my patience.  A few days after Christmas this year the Hard Drive decided to give up the ghost.  So off I went to my local Apple experts KRCS, they fitted a new hard drive for me and I went on my way.  Less then a week later my MacBook started powering off without warning when it was nearing the normal low battery alarm state.  So back I went to KRCS – who kindly gave me the number for the Apple Tech Support line.

10 minutes in a queue and I finally got through to someone who appears to have resolved the issue.

After initial diagnostics it was clear to him that the battery was not running at full capacity, the information in ‘About My Mac > More Info’ showed the full charge capacity at only 10126, this was not right so we went on with the repair.  Powering down the Mac the technician advised I first needed to press and hold shift, control and alt on my keyboard whilst pressing and releasing the power button.  Although the Mac didn’t power up, the LED charge light on my power supply flashed from amber to green and back to amber again.

Now, whilst holding down control, alt, command, P and R on my keyboard I was asked to power on once more.  This time the normal Apple chime could be heard, not once but twice. On the second chime I was asked to release the keyboard keys and boot up the mac as normal.

Logging back in it was clear to see the ‘Service Battery’ indicator had disappeared, and a quick check in the system profiler showed the battery back up to 10222 mAh.  Now, although I am yet to perform a full charge/discharge cycle the Apple tech was happy that the battery should now be back to normal.  Watch this space – if not a new battery is on it’s way!

[span class=attention] Now – although this has worked for me, I suggest you use the method above with caution.  Not all cases will be the same, and incorrect use of commands may cause more harm then good!  I would strongly suggest you speak to your local Apple dealers such as KRCS before you attempt the above. [/span]

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  • zingus

    You described a PMU (Power Managing Unit) reset with a SCOP (Shift Control Option Power) key combo followed by a zap of the PRAM. It’s unlikely any harm bigger than a slightly confused system clock can come from these actions. (unless your hardware is deeply defective)

  • http://www.mikesel.info/ Mike Hudson

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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