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[updated] 01/01/1970 was a great day.. Unless you’re an iPhone

A bug in iOS has meant many people have ended up with a ‘bricked’ phone after falling for an online prank, offering a retro iOS Easter egg. 

Setting an iOS device clock to midnight on 01/01/1970 ends up in a divide by zero error – resulting in an un bootable device. 

It’s believe to be caused by the fact the time is stored on the device in GMT, then an offset applied of seconds since 1970, depending on your location. As the above essentially sets the devices clock to zero thus causing the error. 

There’s no “Easter egg” of a retro apple symbol in the OS. So don’t risk trying to find it, unless you’re short of paper weights. 

EDIT: A video has since been published on YouTube explaining how to fix your phone should you have fallen for this “trick” 

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A read of a blog post saved me ~hours

As part of my job role I have to monitor and maintain VPN connections on several sites across the UK. This relies on many third party systems and networks, each of which have their own status pages. However non have their own RSS feeds.. This generally leads to a scramble around for links for status pages when we lose connection to a site.. That was until I read a recent blog post from Richard Tubb’s blog

The post featured a service called VisualPing which I’ve now set up to monitor and notify me of changes to the status pages. VisualPing takes a ‘screenshot’ at a specified interval, and compares it to the preview screenshot taken. If there’s been any changes it then notifies you via email. 

So now, I get the status delivered to my inbox – leaving me to get on with more important things such as speaking to the branch to explain the issue. 

I’ve used VisualPing to monitor service status pages, but as Richard’s pointed out in his post, you can use it to monitor any web page for changes! 

Thanks for Richard for this time saver.. 

Have you found a unique way to use VisualPing? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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Mountain Duck will change how you access FTP sites forever!

mountainduck_y_512Yes… You read that right.. Whats more – it wont be for just FTP sites either! With the all new Mountain Duck (Officially launched today) you can access FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, Azure & OpenStack Swift server storage as if it was a local disk via the finder app!

Mountain Duck is CyberDucks younger brother, but packs quite a punch..

Due to my role, daily I find myself connecting to either FTP or SFTP locations – using Mountain Duck saves me so much time and fuss. Having the files available to manipulate directly in a finder window really makes life easier.

Check out the list of features below;


  • Support for 8 protocols
    • FTP, with support for TLS
    • Amazon S3 Protocol, supporting
      • Amazon Web Services
      • Google Storage
      • Eucalyptus Walrus
      • Dunkel Cloud Storage
      • Host Europe Cloud Storage
    • WebDav Protocol support
    • SSH/SFTP Support
    • OpenStack Object Storage Protocol, supporting;
    • Rackspace Cloud Files
    • Rackspace Cloud Files UK
    • Internap XIPCloud Storage
    • Windows Azure Protocol Support
    • Google Docs Protocol Support
    • Dropbox Protocol Support
  • Toolbar Button – enabling quick and easy access
  • Quick Connect
  • Bookmarks
  • History
  • Bonjour
  • Open connections direct from finder
  • Support for Application launchers
    • QuickSilver
    • LaunchBar


Grab your copy now from the Moutain Duck website.

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WWDC dates leaked by venue

Apples World Wide Developer conference dates have been leaked by the hosting venues own calendar booking system! The Moscone West Convention centre in San Francisco has the dates between the 13th and 17th of June booked out, which falls inline with Apples previous WWDCs. 

There’s no official news from apple regarding the event as of yet. Generally the date is kept secret until the invites land on the doormats of the media and VIPs. 

The event is expected to be the launch platform for iOS 10 and OS X 10.12.. With potentially also the unveiling of new iterations of WatchOS and tvOS.

There are also rumours suggesting the Apple Music streaming service will receive an extra tier, a tier dedicated to higher resolution music. However there’s no indication of where this price point will fit. Or if this will actually be ready for WWDC 2016. 

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VBScript: Completely remove Office 2007

The below VBScript can be used to completely remove all Microsoft Office 2007 components from a machine. This is a deep deep clean, so can take anything up to 2 hours to complete, depending on spec of the machine.