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Time2Epoch is a basic time/date to epoch time/date calculator. This is something I developed sometime a go to ease the pains of working with epoch values in SQL tables.

I am no longer actively developing this calculator, so you can now download it completely free!

Screen Shot 2013 11 08 at 19.40.12 Time2Epoch


  • Converts normal date/time to EPOCH date time
  • Copies converted date/time straight to the clipboard
  • Converts EPOCH date time to normal date/time

Version History – First BETA released, no known bugs, no known enhancement plans (yet) – Second BETA released, many more options added! Now able to convert back from Epoch to Time, with options to convert time and date, just date or just time. – Third BETA released, a small bug has been fixed to resolve the format of the datetime combo boxes. – Fourth BETA released, adding a menu to jump to points in time (Start of year, start of month, end of month, end of year) – Small bug fix is this release, previous versions would not handle times correctly in the conversion. Now supports 24 hour time entry.


I have just started using the Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing WordPress Plugin to secure and distribute my .NET applications, as the system was primarily developed for WordPress plugins – I decided I would put together a .NET ‘wrapper’ to make it easier to implement into my projects. You can find the class and usage instructions below.

As always – if you have a suggestion on how to improve this, please leave your comments in the section below

For ease of use, and because I prefer it to the built in functionality I have used the Json.NET component.

1. Download and add to your project Json.NET

2. Create a new class, insert the following: (Click here for an easy to copy/paste version of the code)

3. Then on your form/where you want to check/activate from:


If you get any unusual responses, ensure you check the URL in a browser - http:///?edd_action=activate_license&item_name=&license=

To do 

  • Replace the message boxes with the code you wish to process depending on the outcome.
  • It may be worth storing the entered serial number in a user setting, so you can periodically check it’s still valid

Given the opportunity I plan on doing the following tasks, until then – the module is working..

  • Replace the first for loop with a direct access of the license value - during testing I was unable to work around an error “Cannot access child value on Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JValue” until I have resolved this I have chosen to use a select case 
  • Implement the ‘get_version’ functionality of EDD
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Hands on: xScope

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Back in October this year a StackSocial bundle offer landed in my mailbox. Since I started receiving these bundle mails they have never ceased to amaze me with some of the software they contain.. Most of the bundles include a piece of popular ‘flag ship’ software, and all of them contain smaller pieces.. Generally pieces I have never heard of before, and often on first glance I look at them and think – “I’m not sure I could make use of that” however I generally install them anyway, because … Hey – you should never judge a book by its cover!

One such item was xScope by Iconfactory .. xScope is a collection of 8 tools in one easy to use utility, primarily aimed at developers – the tool makes it unbelievably easily to achieve the perfect design and layout of pretty much anything on-screen. It’s ideal for aligning and measuring images, divs, tables, forms, controls and much much more.

The tool floats on top of all other applications and uses a simple “grab and drag” control on the ruler to make measuring as easy as possible.

Screen Shot 2013 11 05 at 11.58.13 Hands on: xScope

But it doesn’t stop there.. You can also use xScope to check out what your design/application/site will look like on screens of various sizes with a simple click of a button!

Screen Shot 2013 11 05 at 12.11.53 Hands on: xScope

When I first downloaded the tool, I didn’t think I’d ever really use it.. How wrong was I, it soon became an important part of any design and development tasks! It even sports pride of place on my super clean minimalistic dock!

So to recap:

The good:

I am a big fan of anything that makes tasks around design and development easier and more streamlined, this certainly goes a long way to help with this. I think the price for such a powerful little utility is just right, even more so if you manage to bag it in a bundle.

The bad:

This is a tough one, as the tool doesn’t really have any downsides.. When I first started using it, reading the ruler correctly was a bit of a challenge – but once I got used to over stretching it slightly I quickly worked out that quirk.

The bottom line:

I am really please StackSocial decided to include this in their bundle, and I am pretty positive I will be upgrading to later versions as and when they arrive. This tool easily bags a 5 star rating from me.


5.0 star big Hands on: xScope

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Last week we had a need for a collection of AD accounts for testing purposes. Which is when I came up with this straight forward VBScript. This script uses a simple integer incrementation to create a collection of active directory accounts with unique usernames, sets their passwords, and then adds them to a security group.

In the example below I am creating 80 accounts, if you require more or less – simply change the number 80 on line 12


JavaScript has some powerful built in features, however one let down (for me) is it’s ability to format date strings off the bat. In a recent project I needed to achieve just that.. Going from a string 1/11/2013 to 01 November 2013. Something which seemed so simple turned out to require a function all of it’s own.

So here’s how I did it:

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