The enormous expansion of mobile phone usage and application in all kinds of fields has greatly contributed to the growth of business of all kinds. The fact that employees have a 24-hour opportunity to work wirelessly is an unparalleled success. As compared with the times when employees had only limited work hours to get access to their computers, today the productivity of business affairs has improved to a larger extent. As a result, the benefits and outcomes of business ventures have become much more realistic than they were years ago.

Now, let’s try to concentrate on the advantages and disadvantages of bring-your own-device and bring-your-own beverage cases as compared with those of IT.
First, let’s take the bring-your-own-beverage case. The overall image will be as follows:

- Hosts do not spend much money.
- Each guest gets the opportunity to take his/her beloved beverage with him/her that will be both affordable and preferable.
- The fact that guests can have the beverages that fit their lifestyle and tastes, adds to the overall joy and fun of the party.


- The diversity of beverages brought to the party may cause some problems if they don’t go well with one another.
- Even though the hosts of the party carry no responsibility for the beverages brought, they do bear responsibility for the overall success of the party, and for everything that is going on during the party.

Now, when the whole scene is clear, let’s try to find out how all this is connected with mobile phone management. The thing is that there is much to expect in this regard. Being in an interaction with employees, and have constant control over the whole work process is greatly desirable for all employers. Of course, such opportunity of using one’s own devices to manage such interaction will provide highly productive and effective business management and, therefore, successful results. The important thing to take into account in such cases is to be aware of all the necessary practice and expertise required.

Let’s consider the case when bring-your-own-device is your main strategic clue in your business management. In order to provide a secure protection for your business management, workforce and confidential data or information, you should put the emphasis on the following important steps of business management:

- Work out your business management policy

On the one hand you are the owner of data and information; on the other hand, your employees are the owners of their own devices and have access to your data and information. So, you get down to facing the risks of BYOD. Thus, you need to develop a proper plan that will protect you against such risks. Moreover, such risk-oriented plan should embrace all the points concerning support and maintenance, upgrading and securing business management standards, and also the steps to be taken in case a device is lost.

- Create your own devices

Creation and delivery of your enterprise applications is rather significant if you wish to set up firm bases for your business control and decisions. The existence of your own mobile applications will provide a proper and secure access to all data and information, and interaction with any other applications wherever and whenever you wish.

- Create a platform in accord with the diversity of systems and application

If you follow the strategy of BYOD, your employees will bring their own mobile applications – Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile apps, etc. This will result in a diversity of operating systems and support levels for mobile devices. Thus, you should be ready for all of them! For this, you should have an appropriate platform enabling you to deal with any kind of device, mobile software and hardware. It’s not surprising then, that such platforms play a crucial role in business management and decision making affairs.

Numerous users around the world have benefitted from the advances in mobile technology. Among the benefits users received was the facilitation of transactions using mobile devices. But with the increasing usage of mobile devices in transactions that involve payment and storage of data, the risk of identity fraud has increased as well.

A number of app stores offer numerous applications aimed at protecting the personal information of users. These applications ensure that personal data remain safe even if the mobile devices are stolen or misplaced.
Taking this into consideration has resulted to the following notable security applications available in the market.

UntitledSafe application provides safe storage for important user data like user names, credit card information and email data. In addition to offering hack-proof passwords through its automatic password generator, the application synchs with the desktop of the user that facilitates the storage of important data of users. However, it will be necessary for the desktop version of the application to be downloaded by users, which require an extra charge. modified to facilitate easy creation and editing of data that can access their content using different platforms. The SplashID Safe is available through the iOS and Android platforms.

LookoutThe Lookout application offers a number of useful yet user-friendly features for users. Aside from offering up-to-date malware detection software that blocks malicious software brought by a number of applications, Lookout also allows users to link up with lost devices through the internet using any web browser or device.

The lost device can be pinpointed on a map found on the website of Lookout using cellular, GPS and Wi-Fi signals. Once the device is located an email that gives the location of the device is sent to the user. It also provides a feature that activates an alarm if the missing device is located somewhere inside the house.

Aside from backing up data, Lookout also provides a list of numbers of friends and family of the user. These numbers can be contacted once the device is located. The Lookout application can be used on iOS and Android devices.

mSpyThe mSpy application is a practical mobile monitoring application that provides users the capability of monitoring phone calls, SMS, emails, chats, internet history, videos, images, scheduled events, and notes of a mobile device. The application also has an This will facilitate location of the device whenever it is lost or stolen. The application also provides users with the capability of remotely wiping and locking the device to safeguard the personal information found on the device. These features provide optimal protection for users of Android devices.


nvqThe NQ Mobile Security application provides users with the capability of locating malware as well as scan for viruses on applications that may be installed on a mobile device. Users can a ten-digit pass code, back-up and restore data, addition of phone numbers of friends that the user trust. An alert will be sent to the phone number in case the SIM card of the device is replaced by someone other than the user.

The Privacy Adviser feature of the application offers a user-friendly and instinctive method of stopping attacks on the mobile device. It also ensures that personal data remains safe in case the device falls into the hands of somebody else. The NQ Mobile Security application can be used on Android-powered devices.

nortonNorton is considered as among the foremost online security companies. It has expanded its product offerings to mobile devices by merging its security and anti-virus capabilities into the Norton Mobile Security application.

The application facilitates protection against loss or theft of mobile devices even as it works in the background without interrupting any of the basic device functions. It also protects these devices from malware attacks. The application also automatically updates itself each week to ensure optimal protection for its users.

Among the notable features of the application is its remote locking feature. The SIM card of the device is also blocked if the device is stolen or gets lost. Users will also have the capability of finding the location of a lost device. The malware scanning feature of the application will also block suspicious websites and prevents dubious applications from being downloaded into the device. The Norton Mobile Security application is available for Android-powered devices.

So as my iPhone 4s gets an immense amount of use (and I mean powered on at least once every 3 minutes) the power button is prone to failure. So much so that I am actually on the second 4s in less then 2 years. Now, although I am in the market for a new phone, I am of course awaiting the grand unveil of the brand new iPhone 5s. Despite the fact I don’t know what the future holds..

In light of this, I have decided to treat my second 4s to a new lease of life, and this morning dropped it off to a local repair centre. Normally I’d deal direct with Apple or MendMyI, however as I can’t be parted from it for more then a few hours.. I decided to hunt down a local retailer. So I hit google, and after dismissing a few shabby/shocking sites, I finally settled on The Computer Store, on Chanterlands Avenue in Hull. The website was well laid out, easy to use, and more importantly the replied to my contact request within an hour. This secured the deal for me!

Only 3 hours later, and £40 lighter I have been reunited with my ageing 4s.. Which will continue to take on the day to day challenges until the new phone is unveiled.

We have recently started the deployment of the Microsoft Lync Unified Communications platform, and although the majority of our user base uses Microsoft Windows – us lucky ones use OS X.. In light of that, I have a collection of AppleScripts for doing all manor of things in Lync. Here’s a simple one to change Lync’s presence state and update the ‘personal status message’

This could easily be adjusted to choose any of the other Lync Presence states available in the menu (including custom states). This is handy in Automator Workflows if you know your machine is going to be tied up whilst a task completes.

I don’t like waiting around for long processes to finish on my Mac, so I was recently hunting for a way of sending push notifications to my iPhone/iPad.. I gave up after a while, realising that nothing seemed reliable enough.. So then I changed tact, and that’s when I came up with this AppleScript. This uses OS X’s built in message’s app to send an iMessage to my mobile!

tell application "Messages"
	set intid to get id of first service
	set myRecipient to myRecipient "+44123456789" of service id intid
	send "Your full machine backup has now completed" to myRecipient
end tell
tell application "Messages"
end tell

This could quite easily be built into Automator Workflows etc.

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