Apple have just released the latest beta in the OS X Mavericks family. Build 13E16 is now available to download from the OS X developers portal or via the built in Software Update facility.

This particular build is said to be focused around improvements to the stock graphics, Bluetooth and Audio drivers, Finder and Safari.

Developers have been asked to focus their testing on the refreshed areas, paying specific attention to website compatibility in Safari 6.1.5.

As always, its best not to install these releases on your day to day work horse.

Sony unveil Playstation TVOn the E3 open day this year, Sony announced the up and coming release of the nearly named ‘Smart’ media streaming device Sony Playstation TV. Shawn Layden took full advantage of the E3 conference footfall and media coverage to unveil the new hardware to the world.

The unit was originally launched last year in Japan as the Sony PS Vita TV.

The “Playstation TV” is expected to retail at around $99, although no sign of localised pricing has yet been announced. Sony are working hard to have the units on retailers shelves in both the US and Canada for autumn this year, with a wider launch expected shortly afterwards.

You can watch Shawn from Sony unveil Playstation TV here:

Despite Sony being a flagship brand in the home user entertainment market, this unit is going to have to bring something pretty special to the table considering it’s taking on manufactures such as:

Apple - Now in it’s “Third Generation”, Apple have sold over 20 million units since the initial release of the very first Apple TV on the market.

Roku - Roku have a vast array of media streaming options, and statistics suggest they have sold 8 million units to date.

Google – Fairly new to the media streaming world, the Chromecast is already flying off the shelves.

Amazon – Another new contender in the already crowded steaming media market.

The device will follow the suit of earlier market share winners, and allow for content from a variety of devices to be wirelessly steamed to owners TV’s with minimal setup. Where the Playstation TV differs, is it will also allow to games from your PS4 on a second TV, Also you’ll be able to play games from the PS Vita platform – as long as you a Sony controller.

It’s expected to also integrate tightly with the up and coming Sony Now service, which will give hardcore gamers access to old Sony titles of days gone by.

The introduction of such a flurry of ‘budget’ smart boxes, allow owners of older TV’s to gain ‘smart’ functionality with little outlay. Most of the above boxes can be purchased for approximately $99/£99.

Although the market seems fairly saturated with devices, Sony’s appeal to the gaming market will probably put it in good stead. I feel confident in saying those who have previously owned Sony tech will sway more towards their TV unit compared to the others on the market.

3D men chattingThe built-in OS X Messages app really is a powerful communication tool, handy for staying in touch with friends and family across a range of chat type technologies.

By default the application supports connecting to:

  1. AIM
  2. Google Talk
  3. Jabber
  4. Yahoo Chat

A lesser known fact is that Facebook chat is actually based on the Jabber platform, which means you can connect to and use the service using nothing but the OS X Messages app.

To add your Facebook chat account to the Messages app:

  1. launch it from your applications folder or spotlight,
  2. Click on the ‘Messages’ menu bar option and then click preferences or CMD and , on your keyboard
  3. Click on the ‘Accounts’ tab, and then click the + symbol at the bottom of the screen
  4. Enter the details as per the screenshot below, replacing the stars with your Facebook profile name and your Facebook account password.
    Facebook chat settings
  5. Then click the Create button.

You should now find you will have an extra list of ‘friends’ showing on your screen. This window is actually named ‘Buddies’ and has lists of contacts from networks outside of the iMessage network.

To start a chat with someone on the Jabber network, simply double-click on their name, or type it in as you would a normal iMessage.

The Messages app comes bundled with OS X Snow Leopard and isn’t available in older versions of OS X.


Sad 3D white manIf (like me) you are a keen early adopter you may be considering upgrading your iOS device to Apple’s latest (and greatest?) operating system iOS 8. As it’s still only in early BETA stages some apps in the App Store are still somewhat incompatible with the OS. Some have some ‘quirks’ only present on iOS 8, and some refuse to work at all.

Below is a list of applications which have been tested, and proved (currently) not to be working with iOS 8 and the symptoms they display.

If you would like to contribute to this list, please get in touch using the comments field below.

Hootsuite – Application crashes on attempted load
WordPress – Application unable to navigate to “Me” tab
WhatsApp - Application crashes when trying to get access to message threads

This is a living post, and will be updated as and when un-working apps are discovered.

3D AxeApple have started tightening up on applications in its popular App Store with music download capabilities.

It’s been reported that application developers who have apps with these capabilities have been contacted and ask to remove the download capabilities from the app, or risk having it removed from the App Store completely.

There’s no sign as of yet as to why they are suddenly imposing this ban, however it’s not unusual for Apple to change the regulations around applications functionality.

There doesn’t seem to be any hard lines on the App Store guidelines that suggest music downloading apps are not allowed.

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