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1. Dating

There was a time when a lonely person would be required to place a small ad in a newspaper and wait for a letter or response to arrive through the letterbox. Alternatively, singletons could fill in a form and wait for an agency to respond with suggestions.

Nowadays, any single person, whether male or female, can choose from a variety of websites that offer the opportunity to meet like-minded people. You can see prospective dates before making contact and build up friendships through online messages and e-mails, making the task of meeting someone easier by having got to know him or her a little beforehand.

2. Friendship

With the massive rise in popularity of social networking sites there is no excuse for anyone not to have dozens of friends! When you hook up online with friends and acquaintances you get to see photos of them and all their other friends, read their online posts and get to know them. The internet is unequalled in its ability to connect people spanning races, religions and continents.

3. Networking

Marketing is essential for business and networking provides the opportunity for business people to promote their products and services to each other. Networking is all about spreading the word about what you have to offer. The odds of your business progressing increases as it reaches more people. Quality of leads is important and the internet allows businesses to reach their target audience in a way that is quick, efficient and cost-effective.

4. Family

With so much scope for movement around the globe these days, it is all too easy for families to find themselves in different countries, making it difficult for grandparents and grandchildren to meet up, along with parents and grown-up children or other close family members. A number of websites allow families to post photographs and blogs in order to keep relatives up to date. There are opportunities to post personal messages, videos and chat online via instant messaging.

5. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

One of the wonders of the modern age, VOIP allows people to conduct conversations with each other over an internet connection. Distance is no longer the barrier it used to be, as it is possible to stay in touch with loved ones anywhere in the world or at least wherever the internet is available!

6. Bullying

Children subjected to bullying at school have always been reluctant to seek help for fear of further retribution. Anti-bullying websites provide a starting point for children in need of help and advice, enabling them to deal more effectively with the problem.

From gaining an understanding of why they are being bullied to tried and tested ideas for tackling the problem, websites such as these help children to take control of a situation that might otherwise leave them feeling powerless.

7. Instant health advice

Whether it’s a disturbing rash or a persistent cough, the internet is full of health advice and guidance. Although care needs to be taken not to become too alarmist in researching health issues, there are a number of excellent sites endorsed by the medical profession which allow people to list symptoms and view possible causes and treatments.

Where a patient has been given a diagnosis of a disease or illness, the internet can supply a wealth of information and advice that a busy doctor may not recall or know about, particularly when it comes to specific societies and organisations that dedicate themselves to a single health issue.

8. Housing

Whether renting or purchasing, it has never been easier to find accommodation than it is now. There are a number of very good sites that allow you to search for your perfect home.

Whether you want to buy a detached two-bedroom bungalow with a conservatory in York or rent a three-bedroom terrace with a courtyard in Bath, the internet allows you to pinpoint the specific details that matter most to you in your search for a new home.

9. Finance

There was a time when the banks were only open on weekdays and all transactions were made by cash or cheque. The advent of internet banking, however, has revolutionised the industry, enabling people to access their accounts at any time or place.

Internet banking allows you to set text alerts when your bank balance reaches a certain point, meaning you never have to go accidentally overdrawn again. Account holders can also move money between accounts and pay bills whenever they want or need.

10. Childcare

Women nowadays find it harder than ever before to give up work and stay at home with a baby. Now that most women hold down a job or career before becoming a mother, the sudden switch to days at home with a new baby can be a real shock.

There are a number of websites that aim to combat the loneliness and worries that new mothers experience, offering help and advice. This valuable support network also highlights childcare solutions and franchises or job opportunities to help the young mother find her way back into the workplace if she so chooses.

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A document scanner can be a essential tool for your business. If you’re the type that wants less paper to deal with, you can quickly scan all those business cards and receipts into your computer. But, which document scanner is right for you. The following will help you choose a reliable document scanner for your business.

Determine Document Types

Do you plan on scanning business cards or full-sheet documents? In most cases, people need a scanner that can handle a variety of sizes. For that reason, you want to look for a document scanner that adjusts to accommodate something as small as a business card or as large as a letter. This ensures that you don’t end up having to go back out and find another scanner than will handle different sizes.

Look at Volume Needs

If you’re only going to be scanning a few documents here and there, almost any document scanner can handle your needs. If you’ll be scanning less than 1,000 pages per day, a workstation style scanner is a great, affordable option. However, if you plan to scan many more documents per day, you will need a more professional scanner that can handle the load. Production scanners can handle up to 100,000 pages per day. In most cases, the typical person, or even small business, will not require this type of scanning output.

Consider Stationary or Portable

Do you want a scanner that sits neatly on your desk or are you more concerned with a document scanner that you can take anywhere? For example, if you meet with clients in their homes, it would help to have a portable scanner that could be used to scan information, such as driver’s licenses or proof of income. If a portable scanner is what you need, make sure to choose a quality scanner that is tough and small enough to be easily carried in your laptop bag.

Remember Your Budget

Budget is essential. When shopping for a document scanner, choose a model that meets your need and your budget. In other words, you don’t want to invest more money than necessary. If a $200 document scanner meets your needs, why purchase one that costs $400? Set a budget that you’re comfortable with, but don’t spend that amount if you don’t have to.

Document scanners are a great way to cut back on the amount of paper that is cluttering your office. Instead of stacks of paper and business cards, you can soon have a neat desk and all your paperwork filed away in the proper folders on your computer.

About the Author: Bryon Mandy loves to look for new technological devices he can incorporate into his workplace. He’s great at finding discount toner, high-quality software programs, and anything computer related.

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Will the Next iPhone Be the Best Yet?

The iPhone is a world beater. Even its harshest detractors, the kind of people who would never buy an iPhone for reasons of brand loyalty (or simply out of a dislike of Apple) cannot deny the style and ease of use which have become the device’s hallmark. Unfortunately for the Californian giant, though, consumers seem to be falling out of love with the iconic phone. Don’t take that the wrong way – Apple still possesses a commanding share of the market, and there are plenty of users who will always buy an iPhone, no matter what. However, that doesn’t mean that some consumers aren’t jumping ship thanks to the disappointing iPhone 4S and 5. Apple will need to do something special to regain their place as the dominating phone manufacturer.

The Rivals

Anyone who keeps track of technology-related news will be aware of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which Apple have been doing their best to suppress on a global scale with arguably frivolous patent lawsuits – my favourite is the one where they (successfully) argued that they had a patent preventing anyone else from making a phone with curved edges. Regardless of the legal antics, which are taking place in various countries, the S3 is readily available in the UK and is widely regarded as the best phone around. It boasts a larger-than-average battery, superbly clear and large OLED Gorilla Glass screen (wave goodbye to your iPhone screen repair costs) and powerful processor. The combination of large screen and powerful hardware make it a capable gaming device, but the real appeal of the Samsung over the iPhone lies in its software. Google’s Android is notably ‘freer’ than Apple’s iOS. For example, anyone may write an Android app and put it on Google Play. Apple’s App Store, by comparison, is strictly policed, with the apps available being controlled by the company. Windows Phone is improving, and could be a competitor shortly, but as of now is not really on the same level as Android and iOS.

The Features We Want to See

If the next iPhone is to be the best yet and reclaim its crown as the king of smartphones, improvements will need to be made in several areas. Firstly, the screen needs to be improved. Apple is using the latest iteration of the LCD, which was created 20 years ago and has served us well. However, it cannot be compared to the OLED screen manufactured by Samsung. Improving the next iPhone’s screen could increase the quality of visuals and help to cut down on thickness and weight, which are issues. The other area which could use some improvement is storage. Whilst rivals have expandable memory, giving users the chance to store up to 128GB on a removable card, Apple limits its users to 16, 32 or 64GB of fixed storage depending on the model. By boosting the top memory capacity to 128GB – which is completely achievable – Apple would make the iPhone a more viable multimedia platform.

Peter Smith is a blogger, IT technician and general technology geek.

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From what computers are capable of to what we use them for, there have been a huge number of developments in computing technology in the last ten years. In 2002 people had hard drive space measured in megabytes, today; many standard home computers have several terabytes of storage space.

Increased Portability

There has also been increased portability in computers; while ten years ago the available laptops were very large, heavy, and extortionately priced, today one of the smallest netbooks available weighs as little as 750g, but packs a punch with 1GB of installed RAM, an 8GB solid state disk, and a battery that offers six to eight hours of life during continual usage. Even more amazing when looking at the mobile technology of 2002, is the fact that now almost everyone has a portable ‘computer’ in the form of a mobile phone with an internet connection, operating system, camera and multiple applications for almost any purpose.

There has also been a huge advancement in the technology which can be utilised for gaming. In 2002 new-release computer games such as Neverwinter Nights, and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind required 256MB RAM, 1-2GB hard drive space and a 1.4 GHz Pentium III single core processor. Today new releases such as Mass Effect 3 require 2-4GB RAM, a 2.4 GHz dual core processor and 15GB hard drive space.

The Almighty Internet

The internet has also come on enormously in the last ten years. Unbelievably, we’ve only had Facebook for nine years, 2005 saw the birth of YouTube and Google Earth, 2007 Google Street View. This has truly been the decade of internet expansion and the decade where anyone can put their life online from sharing photos and videos to blogging and participating in Q&A websites. Face to face video calls are commonplace in households around the world, thanks to the internet and services such as Skype. Never before has it been easier to connect with people around the world at the touch of a button.

Computers Have Become More and More Affordable

This decade has also seen an increase in the sheer number of computers possessed; at the turn of the millennium many households had just one family computer, now nearly everyone has a desktop, laptop, or phone running a mobile operating system. Many households even possess more computers than people. Those born in the last twenty years truly are the computing generation, life for them being unimaginable without the internet, instant messaging, and connection to people from all over the world.

Thanks to Harry Teller from www.vesk.com for this post. Vesk a UK-based company that specialises in hosted desktops.

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The number of people who use an iPad these days is quite staggering. It’s definitely doing its best to take over the computing industry. The reason they are so popular is because most people just want to consume information. If they do want to create something it can still be done on an iPad, but from anywhere you like because they are so mobile. The only thing you might have trouble with in the beginning is printing stuff off.

With a desktop computer you would have your printer attached. You obviously still need one lying around in order to print, but you need a good printing app. It makes it much easier to send stuff from your iPad straight to the printer in no time. We can go over some of the best ones now that all have their own positive features. Which one you decide to use is up to you.

Air Sharing HD

air sharing hd 5 Cool Printing Apps You Can Use With Your iPad

The best thing about this app is the ability to print from your iPad to any printer that’s attached to a Wi-Fi network for Mac computers. It can also only print any documents and photos through a server like your email account. This is a big pain when you get started, but eventually you’ll get used to it. Everything you want to print will need to be emailed to yourself before being sent to print. The app’s been around for a few years now and in the future they will hopefully come back with great updates. It’s only a few dollars anyway, so it’s cheap enough that you can test it out.


b0055j4hgo 2 5 Cool Printing Apps You Can Use With Your iPad

Before you use this app you might first want to download the free version to check it works with your printer. It’s been known to be a little troublesome with certain models. This was originally only available for the iPhone, but now it’s fully functional with the iPad. When you’re looking for a printer you can try and find it through the app, or alternatively you must enter its IP address. This app is pretty versatile and it can print out a good selection of things, so it’s definitely worth checking out.


This is a pretty cool app because it works pretty well with a lot of printers. Out of all the Wi-Fi printers on the market there won’t be a lot that you can’t directly print to. You can also go though your Mac computer or PC and do it that way. I guess it just depends what kind of printer you have available. You can’t print emails with it, but everything else if fair game. It’s definitely worth using and just having another one set-up for whenever you want to print any of your emails out. All in all it’s definitely worth trying out.

Print Magic

print magic 610x448 5 Cool Printing Apps You Can Use With Your iPad

If you want to go with the crowd then this app is definitely one of the more popular with fellow users on iTunes. It’s so cheap it’s practically free, plus it’s compatible with nearly all Wi-Fi printers on the market. They are actually compatible with around 1000 models and if you go have a look on their website you will find out in a few minutes whether or not your printer will work. You can’t print PDFs with the basic version and if you want those capabilities you will need to pay a few dollars for the upgrade.

Print n Share

I think the coolest thing about this app has to be the fact you can print over 3G. You could be traveling somewhere while typing a document and once you hit print it will be sitting waiting for you when you get home. As with a few of the apps here it can print to almost any Wi-Fi enabled printer. You can also print something off through your computer, but it means installing Print n Share software on it first. You can also print files from other apps, Dropbox being a good example since lots of people have an account with them.

Todd Jones sells customized ;picture frame mats ;for a living which can be used for domestic as well as small scale commercial purposes.

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