Back in November 09 I blogged about MacPaw’s app, CleanMyMac which was one of the first applications I purchased when I got my very first Mac.  In my opinion, CleanMyMac is the best on the market for keeping your log files, caches and general junk in order, however, I have recently expanded my Mac cleaning toolkit to include Titanium Software’s OnyX Tool.  Titanium Software is headed up by Joel Barriere who over the last few years has released some pretty impressive and powerful maintenance utilities.  Despite their power, Joel has never lost site of his fan base, aiming the design towards that of normal everyday end users.

The flagship product being OnyX, which is available for OS X Jaguar, OS X Panther, OS X Tiger, OS X Leopard and of course OS X Snow Leopard.  OnyX is a collection of maintenance tools and general upkeep utilities, however, rather then having to deal with complex terminal commands all you need to do is tick the box of the command you’d like to perform and click execute, meaning even your Gran could do it!

Onyx features include:

  • Disk drive S.M.A.R.T. status checks
  • Disk contents permissions checks
  • Cache and history cleaning
  • Index rebuilds, and much more

 OnyX   OS X maintenance tasks for everyone


If you feel OnyX is too feature rich (no idea why you would) then you can always download Titanium Software’s Maintenance Tool, which contains some of the core tasks found in OnyX.

 OnyX   OS X maintenance tasks for everyone


If you know of any other  tools you couldn’t live without for your Mac install, drop me a line using the comments system below.


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