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MSN MessengerNews has hit the wires today that the latest incarnation of MSN Messenger for Mac. Version 8.0 brings both video and audio conversations to the table. Something that’s been sadly lacking in previous versions of Mac messenger.

The fancy new messenger feature comes with it’s own pitfalls, which I am sure are being worked on by a team of developers..
1.  Display pictures currently don’t work in the msn chat windows, leaving you with the default MSN ‘person’
2.  File transfers between contacts don’t work
3.  AudioVideo calls don’t work on some network configurations
4.  Some custom emoticons don’t work in the msn chat windows, leaving you with a blank box, or just text.
The system requirements of MSN Messenger 8 are:
1.  Apple Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
2.  Processor: 1.83 GHz or better
3.  Memory: 2 GB or more
4.  Video and audio obviously require a web camera and a microphone
So although the app is far from ‘polished’ at least it’s a step closer and it’s going to save some time having to load skype purely for VideoAudio needs.
If you fancy your chances, download a copy of the beta here
Home » MSN Messenger 8 for Mac (BETA)

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