LogMeIn Rescue Beta gets a big thumbs up!

I’d only heard roumers about it, read blog posts and seen ‘spy’ shots of it. Until today! We received  our official invitation to test the all new LogMeIn Rescue Beta today.

We have used LogMeIn Rescue to support our countless number of mobile workforces handheld devices for some years now. In fact it was one of our success stories we bagged whilst at the Service Desk and Support show back in 2009.

LogMeIn Rescue is a web-based mobile remote support solution supporting the major mobile OS’s along with PC and Mac OS’s. Providing an easy to use powerful remote support solution which wouldn’t (and doesn’t) look out-of-place in support centres the world over!

Since we started using LogMeIn Rescue in 2009, it was clear to see that LogMeIn’s R&D where heavily investing time in developing their product. With regular Beta invites adding useful features and supporting new OS’s regularly.

However, the latest Beta really is something else! Up until now the LogMeIn Rescue technician console has been governed by your machines web browser. Which although the web console has never been lacking in features, sometimes the browser seemed to somehow hold back its performance. This, Im pleased to report now appears to be a thing of the past!

One of the Beta’s biggest features is the introduction of a desktop based support client. Offering all the features of the online client and more besides.

The first thing that my colleagues commented on, was the fact they no longer have to logon each time they want to connect to a user. The desktop client automatically remembers the username and password and logs straight in. Now this may seem like a simple thing, but when you are sharing client licences like us, logging in and out all the time can often be a pain!

But wait!…. ‘Hold the Phone’ (whilst I connect on and reconfigure it)… The iOS and Android device configuration facility has received an overhaul. To introduce some pretty powerful features.

The ability to configure key components on iPhone’s is soon going to become invaluable:-

  • APN – Push new APN settings to both iOS and Android devices
  • WiFi – Push new WiFi settings to both iOS and Android devices
  • WebClips – Install new shortcuts on iOS devices that can connect direct to your help desk, knowledge bas or chat portal
  • Permissions – Push device permissions to iOS devices, providing the ability to restrict access to certain applications
  • Passcode – Push passcode enforcement to iOS devices
What’s more.. The features list doesn’t end there, there’s far too many to list in this blog post – so why not head over to the Beta’s homepage and check out the full list!
One things for sure, LogMeIn Rescue really has secured it’s spot on my ‘Tool Belt’ – Well done LogMeIn, I am looking forward to your next unavailing and invite to Beta test..

Mike Hudson

Mike Hudson is a Infrastructure Analyst living and working in Kingston Upon Hull. With extensive experience in Microsoft and Apple technologies, ranging from desktop OS’s to Server OS’s and hardware. By day working as part of an infrastructure team, and by night ridding the world of IT issues through blog posts..

  • WMin

    So I guess you have always used LogMeIn Rescue?  I used it up til about a year ago.  It was just getting really pricey and then I wanted to add using my Android device so I started testing other possibilities.  I will have to check out the new console in the upcoming release. That sounds pretty cool- maybe like something Bomgar (http://www.bomgar.com/) has?  

    I switched to ScreenConnect (http://www.screenconnect.com/) because they included iOS and android capabilities with their base pricing.  It was a steal from what I compared to LogMeIn or Teamviewer.  You should look into SC if you are looking for the next cutting edge remote support software.  

  • WMin

    Well obviously opinions and purchase is going to be based on a number of points.  I think you backed your explanation well.  If you are heavily invested and like the product there may not be a reason to switch.   For the SMB market I think there are more affordable options as the remote support field has grown and allowed for competing companies to steal some of the market share since options like LogMeIn and even Bomgar are very, very pricey solutions- typically priced to high for the SMB sector. I think you should keep your eye on some of the competitors to the market though.  Just because the products lack all the bell and whistles of such products like LMI- you are going to get most anything most techs would need at a fraction of the price.  Thank you for the solid review.  I may check out LMI again once their console is out of beta.

  • Aliasgar Babat

    Logmeinrescue is no doubt quality remote support software. Additionally, you may even try using on premise RHUB`s remote support appliance for remotely access computers from anywhere. It works well.

  • Aliasgar Babat

    Logmeinrescue is no doubt quality remote support software. Additionally, you may even try using on premise RHUB`s remote support appliance for remotely access computers from anywhere. It works well.

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