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LastPass is possibly the last password you will EVER need to remember.. In this era of the ‘digital revolution’ if you are anything like me you will have countless accounts for countless sites, all with different passwords. Which can often be a pain to remember. Over the last few weeks I have found myself getting more and more frustrated having to make use of ‘forgot password’ links on many sites.

Which is where LastPass steps in, LastPass has one ‘Master’ password, so thats hundreds of passwords you no longer need to remember!  
LastPass uses either a toolbar integrated into into your web browser (be it IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera) or an online vault to access your usernames and passwords.
Once logged into the toolbar, LastPass will automatically log you into your registered websites, without you lifting a finger. Not only is this easier then trying to remember your passwords, but it also protects you against key logging software ‘sniffing’ your individual passwords.
But wait – the feature list doesn’t end there. Not only can it automatically log you in, it can also automatically complete online forms, store secure notes, generate unique and secure passwords, securely share site details with friends and even integrates with a YubiKey for multi-factor authentication. 
There are two options to LastPass – the first it the Free basic account, which gives you everything you need to get started and secure on the net. Alternatively for $12 a year you can upgrade to the premium version, which also gives you access to the LastPass mobile app giving you access to your secure passwords on the move.
Home » LastPass – The last password you will EVER need

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