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Internet banking is
perhaps one of the most common practices on the internet in today’s hectic
lifestyles. Behind social networking, and web based gaming of course. Which is
why it’s not surprising that a large number of internet based nasty’s such as
viruses and spy where etc are aimed at those of us who bank online.

This has obviously
been the catalyst for the birth of countless flavours of internet security
applications. Each with their own benefits and pitfalls, most of which have
huge overheads on both your PC’s CPU and Ram. Which, if you are a power user
(as no doubt most of my readers will be) this can be a true pain!

I have lost count
of the amount of times less tech savvy users have visited me, with their shiny
all singing all dancing internet protection packages which have all the bells
and whistles and then some. Predictably each time this ends in the un-happy
comments from the user as I either refuse to install it on the acer they got
for a £10 with £5 shopping at Tesco, or even the £600 Dell. Or because they
refused to back down, I installed it as per their request then they are back a
week later stating their laptops ground to a halt.

I have always wondered
why browsers offer so little protection for the end user who hasn’t tweaked and
tuned their browsers to within an inch of their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I am
all for the new versions, IE8, Safari 4 and Firefox. However I still don’t
think they go far enough! 

This is where Trusteer’s Rapport steps in. This little browser based widget has
been developed to support most browsers on the market, and Trusteer have been
working closely with the worlds biggest banks in order to make this a success.

The next time you
attempt to logon to your bank’s website you may well be prompted to install
Rapport. The installation is quick and painless, even on a Mac.  After a quick download process the
widget will automatically install, and immediately start protecting your web
based banking. It’s been cleverly designed and developed to detect and intercept
attempts to compromise your security using the least possible overheads. In
fact the only way you will know you are protected is by the coloured arrow in
your browsers address bar. (Which is only visible when using secure web banking

You can find more
details about Rapport and Trusteer’s other service offerings on their

If you do prefer to
use installed antivirusfirewall products it’s imperative you ensure these are
kept completely up to date, this is normal done by using the applications built
in auto update wizard.

Home » Internet banking – Are you protected?

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