Set Internet Explorer Proxy settings using VBScript

If you’re a mobile user who works both in and out of the office, then you may find yourself having to constantly ‘tweak’ your IE proxy settings all the time, and although it’s only a few mouse clicks, a few is always too many in my eyes.

The VBScript below will check for any currently open instances of Internet Explorer, prompt to kill them and then set the proxy settings for you.

All the proxy settings are contained in the Windows registry so are quite straight forward to maintain.

If you would like to add more areas of the settings dialog box to the script, load the hive in the registry and make the changes as required.  Refresh your registry viewer and then add the values to the script as required.

Remember…For the above code to work you will need to change the proxy name and port to reflect your own.

This script has been tested and proved to work on Windows 7.

Mike Hudson

Mike Hudson is a Infrastructure Analyst living and working in Kingston Upon Hull. With extensive experience in Microsoft and Apple technologies, ranging from desktop OS’s to Server OS’s and hardware. By day working as part of an infrastructure team, and by night ridding the world of IT issues through blog posts..

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  • Patrick Weichel

    Any change for Win 7 64 bit?  I’m just a novice scripter…but there is a reference here to Win32_Process?   Thanks!

    • Hi Patrick

      I’ve just tested this on a 64 bit win 7 machine, an despite the fact the script relates to 32 bit it also affects the 64 bit IE browser.


      • Patrick Weichel

        Thanks Mike. It is working well. I’m putting this in a login script as we are still having issues with GPO’s not applying on two groups of Win 7 64 Bit with IE 9. MS KB 825685 is similar issue, except I’m not using GPPs. Our GPO does everything except consistently set the Proxy value under these circumstances.  I’ve spent the better part of the week trying to get it working with Policy…at least this script is working!

  • Irfan Ahmed

    thanks a lot … changed PROXYNAME:PORT and worked without any trouble. fyi it works perfectly on Win8 (64bit)

  • owais barlas

    How do I tweak the vbs so that when the script runs on IE 10 the radio button ‘Always open pop-ups in a new window’ under the ‘When a pop-up is encountered’ block in the Tabbed Browsing Settings is selected.

    • I’m not Infront of a machine right now. But I will look as soon as I can. What version of windows are you running?

      • owais barlas

        Windows 7professional

        • By the looks of it you will need to set:

          HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TabbedBrowsing\PopupsUseNewWindow = to 2 this should default all links to open in a new window.

          Change back to 1 to revert to default settings.

          Hope that helps

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