TG585v7 How To: Use OpenDNS with a Thomson TG585 RouterOne of the drawbacks of using an internet service providers own router is that some of them such as the Thomson TG585′s web interface locks away the more advanced settings.  A good example of this is the ability to switch to a third party DNS service such as Google or OpenDNS.  These third party DNS providers can often be much faster then your service provider’s own DNS servers, so therefore offer a much better internet browsing experience.

Luckily the Thomson TG585 does have a little bit of a ‘back door’ that you can use to set up your preferred DNS settings.

All you need to do to make use of this ‘back door’ is:

  • Launch Terminal or Command prompt depending on your operating system,
  • In the terminal/command window type Telnet and press enter,
  • Type open and press enter,
  • The command prompt should now display the following (TO), type in the address of your Thomson and press enter (Default its
  • When prompted enter your administrator login details (Default is admin and admin)
  • Carefully type dns server route list, this will return a list of information similar to the one below:
    DNS Server Source Label Metric Intf State
    D 10 Internet Up
    D 10 Internet Up
  • Make note of the string under ‘Intf’ as you will need this bit later,
  • Carefully type dns server route flush and press enter this will clear out your current DNS server settings,
  • Type the following two commands:
    dns server route add dns= metric=0 intf=Internet and press enter (Replacing ‘internet’ with your Intf string)
    dns server route add dns= metric=0 intf=Internet and press enter (Replacing ‘internet’ with your Intf string)
  • Type dns server route list, check that the new table contains the correct IP addresses,
  • Type saveall and press enter.
  • That’s all there is to it, now all you need to do is head over to OpenDNS, logon to your dashboard and tweak your settings as you see fit.  Then sit back, relax and enjoy an OpenDNS powered internet experience.

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