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Hiddenapp IconFor as long as I can remember there has been variations of this type of application on the internet. Many years ago I believe the first on to be released was called ‘ET Phone Home’ – designed primarily for dial up internet connections, it would call the registered home number. An if engaged it would hang up, knowing it was at home..

Obviously, theft tracking applications have come on leaps and bounds since then. With one of the leaders in the field being ‘Hidden‘. for a small o fee of $20, Hidden integrates seamlessly into OS X and reports back to the tracking service at http://hiddenapp.com.
In the unfortunate event that your device is stolen, all you have to do is logon to the tracking system at http://hiddenapp.com, mark your laptop as stolen and wait for the app to check in. As soon as it does you will find yourself looking at pictures of the person who has your laptop, the exact location of your laptop and screen shots of what your laptop is being used for! Then if you drill down into the captured information you will also see it captured detailed networking information for OS X’s IFConfig. 
How will all this help you..? Well, the friendly staff over at Hidden will help you work with Police, providing them with key information they will need to track down and recover your laptop. 
In my opinion, it’s probably the best $20 you will ever spend.. 
Home » Hidden – The most advanced theft tracking software for your Mac

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