FIXED: Do you want the application to accept incoming network connections?

If you are a keen believer in protected device usage (which you should be) and you employ a strict security regime including a strict firewall policy, you may find yourself constantly having to allow access to stock applications such as iTunes. This is because these applications are ‘codesigned’ to ensure the firewall only lets them through if, they have not been modified in anyway. So if you have installed any iTunes plugins, or modified iTunes in anyway, you will find this pop up will appear each time despite which option you choose.

To stop this for coming up, you will either need to reverse the modifications to iTunes or obtain a self sign certificate and sign it yourself.

If you’d rather reverse the modifications (Recommended) launch a terminal window (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and type in the following:

codesign -vvv /Applications/

This will return one of the following results:

 FIXED: Do you want the application to accept incoming network connections?(Which actually suggests iTunes has not been modified, so if you get this at this stage – this tutorial will not help you)

Or you will get the following (particular files may vary):

 FIXED: Do you want the application to accept incoming network connections?

So as you can see, the codesign application suggests the signed version of iTunes has been modified, therefore it’s no longer ‘signed’

To resolve this issue, launch a finder window location iTunes in your Applications folder, right click on it and click show contents. Now remove each of the files listed in the terminal window. It’s worth noting that removing the wrong files from this folder may well prevent iTunes from working all together. So you may want to either back them up somewhere or simply leave them in the ‘Trash’ until you are happy.


If you would prefer to leave iTunes in it’s modified state, then you will need to follow the Code Signing Guide over at Apples website

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  • Alex Dumitriu

    worked like a charm. thank you

  • Yemzi Bosset

    Perfect, thanks! This warning box was getting so annyoing, beyond ignoring.

  • Brett Turner

    Lovely, thank you Mike. Worked first time – for info, my list in Terminal was identical to yours… thanks again. (iTunes 10.7 / M.Lion 10.8.2)

  • Alicia Bankhofer

    You have saved my sanity. I have been looking for a solution to this for YEARS! I even called Apple support – they spent hours trying to resolve this – to no avail.

    Only thing is now – I have the same problem with Word and haven’t found the correct link to type into Terminal. I thought it would be

    codesign -vvv /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft

    but it isn’t – any tips?

    • Mike Hudson

      Hello Alicia – is it the exact same error message for Ms Word? Im surprised that’s accepting network traffic.. Do you have any add-ons for Word installed? There are other things I would suggest first of all, that would be to try and figure out what the traffic is.

      You could perhaps try something like Little Snitch – this would give you some more information about what it’s trying to connect to..

      If you want, post back the results and I will help try and fix it.


  • Umair Hoodbhoy

    Not only does this work, but it makes iTunes loading super quicker. Thanks.

    • Mike Hudson

      Glad it helped out :)

  • Andrew Rhoades

    Thank you for this tutorial! Very helpful!

  • Harry The Bustard

    Worked for me too. Thanks. P.S. I wonder why re-installing iTunes didn’t solve it.

  • Nick Haigh

    did as described but didn’t work for me, annoying pop up message still appeared

    • Mike Hudson

      Hi Nick

      What pop up message are you getting? Is it exactly the same as the one above?


  • Aaron Keating

    Nice. Thanks for posting this, it worked like a charm after a number of other solutions I located elsewhere did not.

  • Mike Hudson

    Glad I could help.. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • Abe Mazliach

    Hi Mike, my Applications folder is under my Macintosh HD and not under account folder. How do I backup in terminal to access it?


  • Mike Hudson

    Hi Abe

    To move up a folder level you need to type:

    cd ..

    and to move down a folder level type cd followed by the folder name:

    cd Applications

    and press return.


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  • Charlie Mills

    Thanks. Mine was: DevicePrefsMobileMe.nib/objects.xib

  • Mike Hudson

    Thanks Charlie

  • Mitch Wayne

    Worked like a charm. Thanks

  • Mike Hudson

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m glad my post could help you out.


  • KR

    Amazing. Thanks so much for your help. I’ve been clicking accept for probably 2 years now and finally got fed up!

  • Mike Hudson

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.. Glad it helped out :)


  • mattone

    Hi Mike. Thanks for the help with this. When I run this terminal command, I get a very long list and files (+/- 100). I’m hesitant to chuck all these files. Wouldn’t be easier to reinstall iTunes?

  • Mike Hudson

    You could try that, but I’d suggest using a decent app cleaner to remove it and all it’s dependancies first. There’s a good chance it may leave some bits behind, which means the problem will return once installed. Either way, let me know how you get on.

    You could try CleanMyMac if you dont have any app maintenance tools installed –

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