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One of the hardest pills to swallow about computer use is the realisation that you may well have just lost some very important data. Be that anything from your contacts list to your wedding photo’s. Ok, we are all supposed to backup regularly – but there’s just sometimes when it’s not actually possible, and as luck would have it that’s generally when you suffer the freak incident which results in data loss.

Luckily for you, there are tools such as Disk Drill on the market!

Disk Drill has got to be one of the most fully featured data recovery applications I have used for OS X. Not only is it capable of recovering data from HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS and more. It also has the built in ability to help prevent data loss using it’s very own ‘Recovery Vault’. 

Disk Drill is capable of scanning and recovering files from it’s vault in seconds.. Yes – that’s right … SECONDS! Making this the perfect utility for all heavy Mac users and novices alike.

But wait… Disk Drill isn’t only capable of recovery data from your built in Mac drive, it’s also capable of recovering data from any drive that’s still able to be mounted. 

Disk Drill is currently Free as it’s still in ‘Beta’ so it’s a perfect time to test it out. 

Home » Disk Drill free Mac data recovery software

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