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As some of you may have noticed there has been a distinct lack of posts of the site for a while. After my new years burst of at least one post a day I managed to create a bit of a problem. My current provider claimed that my site and it’s 150 hits per day was crippling their CPU.

Because of this I have spent the last few days trying to mop up any errorsdead postsbad links etc. After several failed attempts WordPress was suggested. Now, I have been an avid subscriber to Joomla for many years and it’s the framework on which many of my sites are built on.

However, at the risk of being bumped up to a dedicated server package I have had to give WordPress a go. So here we are, I have migrated all of my old content over – now starts the mammoth task of putting it all together and the redesigndevelopment of my all new template.

So you may find there are certain areas of the site which have small… errm.. how can I put this… Issues…. An this is because they are still under construction. I am hoping to have the site fully operational by the 1st of Feb this year, when I can start all over again with my ‘at least one post a day’ attitude.

Your patience is appreciated whilst I get the site off the ground again.


Home » A whole new framework

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  • Dan

    Kirstie wants one doing for her school so I’m going to try it out on my site first. Will have to see how it goes. There are some nice mobile theme’s too.

  • Mike Hudson

    Yeah I’m impressed so far. My Joomla install was causing headaches for freevirtualservers so they suggested I tried WP.

    Seems to work work! :)

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