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Recently i have found myself getting more and more annoyed with the
iPhones autocorrect. Due to my job and often urge not to use the
queens english i find myself fighting with the autocorrect wizard.
Often having to type my word three times before it will leave me

Well not anymore.. Simply by typing the letter z and then moving the
curser behind it, so its essentially part of every word you type until
you press space and move onto the next word, completely vexes the
autocorrect system and it really does leave you alone.. However,
unlike switching it off completely if you do make an actual spelling
mistake it will still underline it, allowing u to return to the word
later and selecting the correct spelling.

Once you are done, delete the z and send your message/email etc.

One downside I have noticed is that with the z in place you can no
longer double tap the space bar to type a full stop. However, this in
my eyes is a small price to pay for an autocorrect free life!! :)

Home » A quick iPhone tip

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