20121027 202029 For a limited time: Grand Theft Auto III only 69p
That’s right people, for a limited time only you can now bag the all time classic – Grand Theft Auto III for a measly 69p from the iOS AppStore!

GTA III is undoubtably the best car stealing, road rage frenzied, gun toting, mission finishing game available for iOS to date.

You can buy your copy of GTA III for iOS for 69p from this link. So what are you waiting for??

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Hardware Upgrade

On October 26, 2012, in Blog, by

k8520727 Hardware UpgradeOn Tuesday the 30th of October my web host FreeVirtualServers will be performing planned maintenance on the trusty server that my website is hosted on. The works will be performed at 05:00 GMT and will mean my site and my email addresses will be unavailable for approximately one hour.

This is planned maintenance, and is being done to ensure my visitors have a faultless visit to my site in the future. Should you need to contact me during this time you should try one of the alternative methods on the contact page

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Since my very first iOS device I suffered the same annoyances as countless other newly found apple owners. That was the forced acceptance of applications that served a specific purpose to a specific audience, such as the stocks and shares or newsstand etc.

Now obviously getting rid of these apps could be done by jail breaking the device and simply removing them or hiding them etc. however jailbreaking isn’t really for the faint hearted and cam pose issues if your not tech savvy.

Which is where this little trick comes in. Thanks to this site its now possible to hide those annoying ‘stock’ apps from your iOS devices launch pad. Granted this is only a temporary fix, as a reboot will bring them back. However, Im pretty sure I could count how many times I reboot in a month on one hand, so its a small price to pay having to reapply the ‘fix’.

All you need to do is visit this site select the app you want to hide from the list
20121023 222939 Hide stock iOS apps without jail breaking
then follow the instructions. Works perfectly every time icon smile Hide stock iOS apps without jail breaking if you have a different method you use or find the one above useful, let me know using the comments section below!

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Hands on review: Feedly

On October 21, 2012, in Blog, by

For months now I’ve used MobileRSS to satisfy my need for RSS feed reading.. Well, I used it to pull in the contents of my Google Reader account anyway. However, of late its been suffering with a very annoying issue in that it would automatically start googling for code errors in the pages you were reading, making it almost impossible to use. So I decided it was time for a fresh start, I hit the AppStore and almost immediately stumbled upon Feedly.

Unlike MobileRSS Feedly serves its RSS content in a kind of newspaper\magazine layout. Making it far more appealing to the eye. Not only that but it pulls in all of the photo’s from the articles too. This makes skimming the news much easier to do when your pushed for time.

Feedly is available from the AppStore for both iPhone and iPad, and packs in some pretty cool features.

20121021 083947 Hands on review: FeedlyFeedly is a fine example of how HTML5 can be used to create a clean and minimalistic interface. Feedly works best (in my opinion) if you’ve already got a Google Reader account. However it does have some built in news feeds to wet your appetite.

Feedly also features the expected sharing abilities, allowing for quick and easy posting to Facebook and Twitter. It’s also got its own web client built in to make reading the RSS feeds full post a breeze.

All in all I really love Feedly and its features, and I’m yet to find anything which comes close to it. What are you waiting for? Get it downloaded!

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For one day only!!

On October 17, 2012, in Blog, by

20121017 211307 For one day only!!
Thats right! If you was born in the 80′s you’ll more then likely recognise the face in the picture above! The all time ‘cult classic’ that is Carmegeddon has just been released for iOS and for today only its available completely free of charge on the AppStore! So what are you waiting for!? Get hitting those checkpoints, an spreading the love blood across the Tarmac.

You can download it now from the AppStore now!!

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