Have you seen the new MacBook Air TV ad yet…? “The Notebook People Love”

Personally I’m not a fan of stickers on the case.. However, some of them really don’t look all that bad..

What do you think? This ad is clearly appealing to the more ‘creative’ MacBook owners, and not the ‘professional office users’.

If you are interested in getting hold of one of the stickers from the ad, you can find links to most of there here

Todays BBC Click program focused on Purple WiFi’s partnership with Pinacl Solutions, to track its visitors mobile devices MAC addresses without users consent or knowledge. Unlike most WiFi hotspot systems Purple WiFi’s system doesn’t even require the device to be connected to the hotspots in order to collect tracking data.

No personally identifiable data is collected unless you choose to actually connect and use the free wireless provided by the new network, once your connected profile details are collected from your social media accounts.

Purple WiFi are building a 150 strong Ruckus ZoneFlex™ access point network at key points around the city of York. The AP’s will collect devices MAC addresses, and more should people connect and use the WiFi networks. Information such as your gender, age and home location is thought to be among the list of information that will be collected. This information will be made available to the local retailers who subscribe to the system.

Click here to watch the BBC Click episode

Click here to watch the BBC Click episode

It’s an interesting move, and no doubt will divide the masses. How do you feel about town planners knowing how long you spend at each part of the town, and which streets do you traverse whilst out doing your shopping? Of course, there is one way to avoid any data collection whilst your out and about, and that is to switch off your mobile devices wireless and bluetooth adapters.

York will be joining the other 21 SuperConnected cities in the programme: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Derry/Londonderry, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Newport, Oxford, Perth, Portsmouth, Salford.


Griffin have been at the forefront off hardware accessories for many years now, perhaps the most commonly known one being the Griffin Survivor case dubbed as almost indestructible..

The US company launched in Nashville, Tennessee in 1992 by Paul Griffin and now offers a wide range of accessories for a whole range of devices, from hand-held devices to wearable tech.

For one day only 25th of July 2014 – The team over at Griffin are offering a 25% site-wide discount on all products! All you need to do is head over to the Griffin Technology store using the link below, fill your shopping basket with cool tech, and use the GT25 discount code at the checkout to bag your discount!
Save 25% Site-Wide With GT25

Check out this YouTube video to see the Survivor case in action.

LOGIK 7" Google Nexus 2 Starter KitWith my recent acquisition of a Google Nexus 7 (which you can read my review of here) the obvious next purchase was of course a protective case for the tablet. Now, although tablet design and construction has come on leaps and bounds since the very early market contenders. I am still a fan of looking after my tech, and keeping its resale value as high as possible.

Cases like these seem to divide the masses, some completely disagreeing with them and not seeing the need, others seeing them as an essential purchase.

Unlike my iPad I didn’t really want a bulky keyboard case, just something to help prevent knocks and scrapes. Scouring the market there’s a whole host of designs and builds, some starting for as little as £2.. (Which I’d personally avoid..) After a little shopping trip in my local city, I settled on the LOGIK 7″ Google Nexus Starter Kit.

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BlueStacksIn todays device rich world, many of us get frustrated being locked into using one device for a particular application, and although emulators have been on the market for sometime now, few are as powerful as BlueStacks.

BlueStacks AppPlayer is an Android application emulator which allows Android apps to be used on OS X and Windows machines. The supported catalogue is far too large to list, but it would seem if you can name it BlueStacks supports it.

The AppPlayer works by connecting to your GooglePlay store account, once connected there’s a small application to install on your Android device to enable 1-click app syncing then your done.

The application features a PlayStore search engine which returns results from the PlayStore and enables you to run applications as if you was using an Android device.

As with all emulators (and more importantly Android apps) some applications work better then others. In fact, some applications don’t work at all.. However, if you are looking to connect to the Whatsapp network using the BlueStacks app, this seems to work pretty well.

So if you are looking to run Android Apps on OS X you can download BlueStacks by clicking this direct link

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